Friday, August 03, 2012

Dominique Dawes gets Emotional When Speaking On Gabby Douglas's Win [video]

Before Gabrielle Douglas of Newport News, Virginia broke records and made history, Dominique Dawes was the first and only African-American gymnast to earn an Olympic gold medal.

Now, Ms. Dawes explains, while holding back tears, she was beyond thrilled to change her website which stated that she was the only African-American with a gold medal.

Dawes says, in an interview with FOX Sports, "I am so thrilled for Gabby..."

 "I'm so thrilled to change my website and take down the fact that I was the only African-American with a gold medal."

Dawes won the highly prestigious award back in 1996, as well as a bronze medal for her performance in the individual floor competition the same year.

Watch the interview:

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VOGUE | Note: I am inspired by Gabby and I'm older than she is, such a wonderful girl!

- Taking Hollywood by STORM

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