Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Zimmerman... THE AGGRESSOR!

Where are the bruises Zimmerman? & where is the blood? If his head was banged into the concrete by Trayvon Martin like he said it was there would be clearly visible marks/blood. & where is the broken nose? WHERE ARE THE SCARS ZIMMERMAN? Watch this surveillance video, this happened RIGHT AFTER the MURDER! Zimmerman was taken in for questioning...

State of the Union Address

Forget politics this is a VOGUE | Diaspora STATE OF THE UNION "CRIME" ADDRESS. I don't know if these strong emotions come with age or what but now more than ever I have this terrible feeling about the state America is in. Who are we granting justice to? The murdered... or the murderers?

God. Why are our people dying? By our people, I do mean the American people. Since the murder of Trayvon Martin so many other murders have been brought to my attention. The murders of Bo Morrison as well as the most recent murder of:
                  NOLAN RYAN HENDERSON.

OMG Based God Is A Genius | Lil B goes to NYU

"Cultural icon Lil' B will treat NYU to a very rare speaking engagement."

Most people think Lil' B is an eccentric individual who doesn't understand the purpose of Hip-Hop. However, it is clear that Lil' B is a genius. Consequently, Lil' B has been invited to speak at New York University on April 11th.

Is Givenchy The New Polo ? | Fabolous Wears Givenchy's Rottweiler College Print T.Shirt

"Put On That GIVENCHY & Let's Get Raunchy" --Mr. West
While having a conversation with my friend regarding the recent urban's population infatuation with Givenchy, I had to ask, "Is it the new POLO?" Don't get me wrong, Givenchy has been a respected fashion house for decades, but in recent times celebrities like Kanye West & even Tyga have introduced the high fashion brand to an entirely new demographic. Fabolous was spotted on the set of his "She Did It" music video wearing the brand's Rotweiller College Print T-Shirt. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stay Schemin' x Came Up

"This aint over the counter this is under the table and the outfit I'm wearin' got more horses than stables."

HOT NEW MUSIC? VOGUE | D got that! Young Mel is coming back strong after leaving the whole Long Island rockin' with his Melroy Jetson mixtape.

Am I Suspicious?

In light of the recent tragic death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin the "NEWMecca Movement Production" has shot a video denouncing racial profiling. The video features a number of men representing Howard University as they stand against injustices, stereotypes and prejudices. The video was shot by John "JayDex" Ledbetter.

Rihanna the Reality Star?

Pop star Rihanna has been exploring various other sides of entertainment including acting, directing and now she'll be doing reality shows!

Eye Candy | June Vision

Just In Time for Summer! June recently launched, "June Ambrose Sunglasses Collection" with Selima Optique.
 Step into her Juniverse, and find out how you can get her unique eye candy first!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Real Life | Real Style | The Ladies of VOGUE | D

I am staying true to my promise, to provide our readers with more posts chronicling the ladies of VOGUE | Diaspora actual lives. Hence, the Real Life | Real Style series. This past Friday, we were blessed enough to be interviewed by DollaNADream productions for an online show. The interview should be up sometime next week, but until then here is the wardrobe breakdown/eye candy ;) 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Music | Plies "We Are Trayvon"

"I never thought that you could just kill somebody, and get out the same night"

All across America, millions have been touched by Trayvon Martin's story. Plies was so inspired by this  injustice that he wrote a song in tribute to this tragedy. The song titled, "We Are Trayvon," will be available on iTunes next week, and all proceeds will benefit Martin's family's plight.  Listen to the track below, and continue to fight for Trayvon! If we allow it to happen once, we have given it the opportunity to happen a million times. 

Kanye West, Theophilus London, & More Pay Homagae | The Little Black Jacket | Chanel Exhibit

Chanel recently opened an exhibit in Tokyo that payed homage to a Chanel classic: The Little Black Jacket. Many celebrities that we know & love were captured in the timeless piece. 

Fashion Forward | Rihanna | Spotted In Alexander Wang

This past Friday, Rihanna [who I almost thought was Rita Ora w/the hair] was in Hollywood giving us Everything We Want | Everything We Need.  Her outfit consisted of Alexander Wang floral printed high rise skinny jeans, & Alexander Wang cut out ankle wrap pumps. The pants retail for $365 & the pumps for $595.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rally for Trayvon Martin in Washington D.C.

Today I had the pleasure of being amongst some of the most passionate, and determined individuals that  inhabit America. Today was the day that residents of Washington D.C. and the rest of the DMV area met in support of Trayvon Martin's family, Trayvon as well as in support of JUSTICE. In a countless and diverse crowd of people, some crying; some smiling, there was something in the air. Something that can never be seen, only felt. Pride and determination swept through the crowd and although we were all different, we all came for the same reason. The rally for Trayvon Martin was absolutely beautiful and I HAD to share it with those who unfortunately could not be in attendance. Trayvon Martin went from being a regular teenage boy to being God's beautiful message. A message of justice, equality, understanding and most of all a message of peace.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Guy Style| Air Yeezy 2 | Official Release | Wolf Grey/Pure Platinum

The Air Yeezy 2's probably has to be one of the most anticipated sneaker releases of the year. Official production photos have been released for your viewing pleasure, so be sure to check them out below ;) Additionally, its looking like the highly coveted shoes will be released April 13th. **[See Update] I warned y'all before to have that Yeezy fund ready! 

Lotus FLOUR Bomb | Kim K Thrashed with Powder

WTF happened to you?When you're as beautiful and rich as Kim Kardashian, it's almost impossible to be hater free! & Boy did the haters make their appearance at Kim K's "True Reflection" fragrance event. Peep Kim's Flour bath below!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crew Love?

I guess the girlies are really lovin' the crew...

The YMCMB rapper Drake recently covered the "Style Bible" issue of GQ and during the shoot he also did a little freestyle.

Kim Kardashian: "I think I'm still married."

According to Kimmy Kardash she has NOT been hooking up with rumored boo, Kanye West.

Kardashian explained in an interview with Ryan Seacrest that despite all the rumors and speculations she has not been hooking up with Mr. West because she believes she that she is still married.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NEW Music | Video: Wale, 2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj & More

 Listen to two new tracks off  Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded album, and watch the video for Wale's "Sabotage" ft. Lloyd! 
Wack shit or are you feeling it?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tyga's Tour Bus Gets Shot Up... Smh!

Omaha, Nebraska be mobbin' like that?

Tyga's tour bus was shot at after his recent show in Nebraska. Apparently, words were exchanged between Tyga's crew and people in the crowd. There were things being thrown onstage and a fight broke out within the crowd shortly after.

Nicki Minaj | Complex Magazine | Anniversary Issue

Due to popular demand via Facebook, we decided to give our readers a look at Nicki Minaj's full spread in Complex Magazine. That reign aint lettin' up no time soon huh ?
complex nicki minaj covers 1240 500x338 Nicki Minaj Covers Complex Magazine 10th Anniversary Issue

Ciara debuts NEW hairstyle...

R&B star Ciara has definitely had her share of "new hair" throughout her career. Some styles good, some styles bad. VOGUE | Diaspora wants to take #TeamVogueD into the world of hair. We call this edition: CiCi! Before showing you her newest look we want to take a look at past looks. But please, keep in mind that although VOGUE | Diaspora is a FAIR site we also do add some opinion into certain posts. This is one of them. Ciara fans that are insanely, and oddly obsessed please do not read. :) Now, proceed!

Black Men Don't Love Black Women?

Truth Moment. 
Over spring break, after watching yet another rap video where the love interest was a young Spanish chick, I simply tweeted . . ."When Did Black Men Stop Loving Black Women?" Shortly after me & one of my followers engaged in debate over the validity of this statement, so you know I had to bring it to team VOGUE|D.

I know, it's a pretty harsh statement. However, after seeing countless music videos where black men swoon over the exotic chick, & reading tweets like, "I'm #teamnokids but when I do have them I want a mixed little girl with light skin & long curly hair", I have reasons behind my statement. 

& while I do understand that there are upstanding black men in this world who still adore black women, I still maintain that there is an obvious decline in the relationship of African American men & women.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Reality Show Blues?

According to the twins of Bad Girls Club Oxygen is making them out to be the "bad guys."

The two, who were trending via "Spongebob Square Twins" took to Twitter to express their anger towards Oxygen for what seems to be poor editing.

New Music Mondays: JreyMerkz

Jrey Merkz, an artist out of New Jersey, is giving the world a taste of the streets. Without further ado VOGUE | Diaspora introduces #TeamVogueD to #POTS (Product of the Streets) the latest mixtape from artist Jrey Merkz.

Yet Another Cat Fight?

(Pic taken of Teyana Taylor after the fight, posted to Twitter)
*Side Note* Why does Teyana look bald in the front of her head, c'mon blend your weave better!

Teyana Taylor did more than just partying out in Miami. The singer, who boasts that she has no scratches or scars, got into a cat fight with a stripper out in Miami.

Rihanna: A Designer?

Rihanna talks about her love for designing with Access Hollywood.

Katy Perry Covers N**GAS In Paris...WHAT?

That So CRAY???

Diggy does it for FREE

Diggy is so confident that he'll let you listen to his album for FREE!
Diggy is set to debut his first album "Unexpected Arrival" tomorrow. In preparation for the big release, Diggy decided to release "Countdown To Diggy" episodes, and  give his fans an opportunity to listen to the album before it goes on sale. Listen and watch below. 

Beyonce Back??

Beyonce is post- Blue Ivy, and ready to give her fans Everything They Want | Everything They Need. Memorial Day Weekend 2012 will heat up with Beyonce doing three exclusive shows on May 25th, 26th and 27th at the REVEL Resort in Atlantic City, NJ. Tickets go on sale April 6, 2012...Will you be making that purchase? 

D'Mor J: No Style, No Fashion. It's that simple. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sneak Peek | Watch First Full Episode of "Styled By June"

"This is V O G U E, It really is..."

Remember when V O G U E | Diaspora announced that June Ambrose was bringing Fashion to VH1? Well, the first episode starring "Misha Barton" has been released and we have it right here on Vogue|D for your pleasure. Watch the debut of "Styled By June" below, and peep pics of June's premiere party. 

New | Video: J.Cole "Nobody's Perfect" ft. Missy Elliot

"She say she only fucked like 4-5 N***AS, so you know you gotta multiply by 3"

First of all, I'm PISSED that I'm not in this video. However, I'm so elated that J.Cole decided to release the visuals to this track. In the video, Cole seeks therapeutic assistance to grasp the fact that nobody's perfect.  I loved all the intricate detailing, however I can't decided whether or not it enhances the song? Watch it below #TeamVogueD, and tell me what you have to say about. 

Nicki Minaj on the set of STARSHIPS

Nicki Minaj was spotted out in Hawaii shooting the video to her latest single "Starships." The Queens native rapper can be seen wearing a bikini, rockin' green hair and playing around in the sand.

Jourdun Dunn & Daria Strokous | VOGUE Japan | April 2012

I SPY Spring 2012 Fashion Trends . . .

W Magazine | All Black Editorial

feminine mystique
This month's issue of W Magazine includes an exclusive all black editorial entitled "Feminine Mystique." The editorial features high-fashion models: Jourdan Dunn, Anais Mali and Jasmine Tookes. The ladies were draped in all the big names and styled by Giovanna Battaglia. Check out the pics below. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Mixtape & Music | Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa recently released his new mixtape, "Taylor Allderdice." Listen to one of the tracks off the new mixtape, and let us know if its better, or worse?  Check out "Never Been Part.II" ft. Rick Ross & Amber Rose

Tough Love FANTASIA!

Wendy Williams is known for speaking her mind and MAN SHE WENT IN ON FANTASIA! In case you don't know Fantasia, who was once on American Idol, went through "the other woman" drama and according to her she had no idea that her baby daddy had a wife. Oddly enough she is now TOGETHER WITH HIM. 

Caught In A Bad Romance?

Apparently Chris Brown's girlfriend is now a celebrity as well. According to TMZ, the 5"1 aspiring model cannot leave her house without Chris's muscle man bodyguard.

Drake Does GQ!

Drake has constantly been labeled "too emotional" but maybe he's just extremely in touch with his emotions? The rapper just recently had an interview with GQ and he revealed a lot about his personal life, which includes his love life.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Music | Monday: Fresheir

"...Blending rap music with a conscious undertone, and great song writing. "
It's New Music Monday, and today we are bringing you talent from Murdock Ave in Queens, NY. Fresheir, says that his music appeals to all races, ages and sexes because his music exploit issues that are plaguing his community and others around the world. Check out his song, and tell us if you like his music: Vogue or Wack?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Celebrity Look-A-Likes!

Let's have a little fun with the VOGUE | Diaspora CELEBRITY LOOK-A-LIKE match up! I couldn't help but get this started after I saw a man who I was almost certain HAD to be J. Cole's long lost daddy!

It's About To Be a GIRL FIGHT?

There's nothing like a good cat fight.

Artists Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea are going at it like Kim and Nicki and here goes T.I. stepping in like Drake! LOL.

New | Video: "Leave You Alone" -Young Jeezy ft. Neyo

Jeezy has finally dropped the visuals to a TM 103 favorite. Watch the highly anticipated video to "Leave You Alone" ft. Ne-Yo! Let us know what you think: V O G U E or No?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rocsi: "Ya Dead Wrong?"

Yesterday the "Queen Bee" stopped by 106 and Park looking fresh and beat but apparently that wasn't enough for Rocsi, she HAD to bring up Nicki Minaj.

Friday, March 09, 2012

New | Music & Videos: Chris Brown, Usher, Ace Hood & More

Today, Chris Brown released a very personal track off of his upcoming album, "Fortune." Listen to Chris Brown's "How I Feel" below. In addition, Usher released a video to "Climax," and Ace Hood dropped the visuals to "Hallucinations." Dope Shit! 

June Ambrose brings Fashion to VH1

How you learn to rock turbans like that?

Juney Taught Me

Where you learned to color block like that?

Juney Taught Me

Who taught you to dress for your shape? 

Juney Taught Me

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

"If Tomorrow Was Judgment Day..."

Back in 1993, 19 years before her death, Whitney Houston signed a will that would hand over all of her assets to any of her surviving children... Bobbi Kristina.

The Game Spits At Fans?

Recently a video of The Game surfaced and it was all but a good one. In the video the  rapper can be seen spitting at a female fan and making her storm off in an angry rage.

Of course we had to get the full story....

Be In The KNOW: Who Is Joseph Kony?

Usually VOGUE |  Diaspora delivers you fashion... music... we deliver you gossip... and entertainment but now we're taking a different approach.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Fresh Off The Runway | Kanye West F/W 2012

While it is tad bit too early to know whether the show was well received or not, I thought Kanye West produced a well put together collection. Throughout the show we seen all of the things that Mr. West loves most: fur, luxury fabrics, and killer heels! Additionally, this collection clearly made significant improvements from the past season. Here we not only see better fitting garments, but cohesion as well. Something that critics brutally attacked him for previously

Taylor Swift | Kanye West: WTF????

For those of you who haven't heard, Taylor Swift graced the cover of Harper's Bazaar Australia draped in Kanye West's debut fashion womenswear line "DW." 

This has to be the most ironic and brilliant marketing strategy ever. Peep Taylor rocking DW below.