Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When I Was In Vogue | Conquering The French Riviera

Last week, I showcased the beauty of France in my "Lost In France" Editorial. This week, I'm taking #TeamVogueD to the French Riveria. Being that I'm a South Florida girl, I'm usually not impressed by foreign oceans. However, the endless beauty of the French Riviera captured my being as soon as I arrived in France. I took 4am promenades along the coast, had midnight skinny-dipping sessions with my roommates, and enjoyed gelatos under the Mediterranean sun. I made a lot memories on the French shores, so I had to share the French Riviera with you.

My model's name is A. Johnson, and this is the story of a French women conquering the scary world with poise, strength and class.



Meet The Model | Everyone meet A. Johnson, from Jacksonville, FL. She is a sophomore at the University of Miami, and very talented film director. Meeting her was one of the highlights of my France trip. She was my roommate, and a great friend. We had sooo much fun, and together we experienced some of the most memorable nights of our lives. Thank you so much for trusting me and allowing me to use you creatively without doubting me. The Ladies of VOGUE | Diaspora wish you all the success in the whole world.

VogueNote: This is her first time modeling, E V E R. Wasn't she was amazing? By the way, did you realize that she's only like 5'0 tall? 

                                                D'Mor J: "No Style, No Fashion. It's that simple."


  1. D'mor u do the damn thang. That child was completely transformed!

  2. Can't believe my eyes

  3. WOW!! I am SPEECHLESS. All I can say is that you did a phenomenal job D'mor. Keep it up.