Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guy Style | Big Sean MADE Gold Jewelry

 In fashion we know that trends work in a food-chain type order. The designers are king because they ultimately decide what will be worn. Shortly after, celebrities and socialites catch on and endorse these looks, with the basic regular individuals wanting to emulate the famous. Without that second step, the celebrity endorsement, trends would have no credit or authority, and would ultimately fail to reach the masses. Think Kanye West & leather pants, or Beyonce & Louboutins...I mean sure people were wearing them, but these individuals are to credit for their popularity among urban culture. With that being said, I attribute the return of Gold Jewels to Big Sean.

I remember the days when it was all about 'bling-bling' [inserts Weezy voice]. Platinum was the ultimate status of wealth and luxury, and while diamonds will never go out of style, we are seeing gold jewelry more than ever. & even though many have rocked it well, Big Sean has RIPPED this trend. He already has swagg on top of swagg but the way he wears his pieces takes his outfits to a new level. Lets take a look shall we ?
 Gold provides a richness and luxurious effect that is truly unmatched, and Big Sean clearly recognizes that. Admittedly, it is loud and gaudy but still not overpowering to the eye. Take notice to how his chains cut right in the middle of his chest, not at all overly long and hood.
From the Cartier inspired rings and Rolex watches, to the custom lion head I think Sean seamlessly fuses pieces that could otherwise become a visual cacophony.  

To our readers is gold where its at, or is not your style? && if it is, do you think Big Sean rocks this trend the best? Let us know in the comments.
*Sidebar- Before anyone gets up in arms, Tyga Tyg does receive an honorable mention ;)

**Jocoby Joyy- Luxury Is Not For Special Occasion. Live Luxuriously Every Single Day.   


  1. I Do It. This boy is FLY!!!

  2. Yea I was just waiting for a mention of Tyga somewhere in there lol 2 Thumbs up