Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Big Apple Meets Kenzie!

With Summer being her favorite season BMG models agency’s Long Island born star Mackenzie Gallo shall shine her brightest during this season. The confidence and brilliancy emerging from her on and off the runway is impeccable and renowned. Ms. Gallo is no new-comer to the modeling industry, and has no plans of decreasing her full throttle race to the top.

Mackenzie, or more eminently known as her stage name Kenzie, was born and raised in Islip Terrace, New York. She began modeling at the age of four and since then with the help of her mother, who has been a major influence and asset to the birth and maintenance of her career, modeling has been her number one focus. She acts, sings, dances, models and because of this New York City has become the home of BMG’s own Kenzie.

 Most of her gigs, and casting calls are in NYC (but not limited to) and her face is very well known in the Big Apple. It doesn’t seem like she will receive too many negative results during her journey because she has already conquered an immense number of things! Along with numerous fashion shows Kenzie has also appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the Adidas jean line, a fashion show conducted by Project Runway’s Carol Hannah and an exclusive show that will air in October (information for that can not yet be disclosed). The stride of Kenzie is done so beautifully and effortlessly one can almost get the notion that she does not try hard at all. She has the true attitude of a model which is make anything look beautiful, even if it in fact isn’t beautiful to you! Just like many young models, to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel is the biggest dream of Kenzie’s thus far. With influences such as Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, and Gisel; Kenzie hopes to pave the way for her name to be on the lips & hearts of people worldwide. So, if you do anything at all,  keep your eyes and ears open for the fierce Ms. Kenzie because her rise to fame has only just begun.

Kenzie’s hair stylist: 
Barbara Lhotan

Kenzie’s agency: 
BMG models

Kenzie’s Twitter:@kenziegallo

Kenzie’s Facebook:“Kenzie Gallo”


Message from Kenzie: Fight for your dreams don't let anything get in your way, nothing should hold you back from what you really want and if people are putting you down most of the time they don't want to see you succeed. Surround yourself with positive people get rid of the negative people in your life!

Taking Hollywood by STORM.


  1. it's inspiring that she went to the same high school i do (:

  2. I like how she's gorgeous in a tomboy chic way..

  3. Mackenzie and I often used to butt heads, but I'm glad to see that she's succeeding!!! Congrats, Kenzie. -Savannah Perez