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People You Should Watch; Tre' Banks

Being that this blog is ran by current students of Howard University, we love to showcase & highlight our noteworthy peers. Whether you sing, dance, write, act, or promote, if you are doing it exceptionally well, VOGUE | Diaspora wants to display your talents to the world. Tre Banks, who hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a friend of mine & I couldn't help but notice his drive & passion for what he does. I contacted the rising producer & media mogul to do a quick interview. Check It Out Below, & Make a note that Mr. Banks is definitely someone you should watch. . .
"On who Tre' Banks is..."   
"I describe myself as an Executive Producer because I was blessed by the Urban Feed Mag , LLC my own online show that I have full creative control over. I create skits, interviews, and decide what topics I want to cover, and present it as a show entitled "The Conversation Piece". I describe myself as an on-air personality because I am host of every webisode I put out and I do freelance on-camera interviews with different people throughout entertainment for different media outlets. I also describe myself as a host because I have been hosting a number of events, from club parties, house parties, concerts, mixtapes and even certain artist have asked me to host their 10-30 minute sets at concerts. I am willing to expand and host any type of event presented to me, in hopes of building my resume/portfolio in the field.

"On His & Current Projects & Future Plans..." 
"I am trying to build an entertainment umbrella that encompasses myself as a Host/Personality , my show, and music talents. So far I am working alongside one artist from DC by the name of Rahiem Supreme. I handle manager and publicist type duties. So under this entertainment umbrella so far I have myself and an artist which builds the brand of the company which i call "HMP Entertainment".
"I ultimately aspire to be a hip hop staple, someone who is respected and a huge contributor to the culture. A voice that is trusted, while at the same time being a face. I admire individuals like Big Tigger, Amanda Diva, Terrence J, etc. and hope to do something in the same field as them with a Diddy/Dame Dash twist by building a company/platform around me.  Ultimately I walk this road on faith, so I rarely worry about how I will get there; I am just confident I am. . ."

Kanye West; Best Dressed . . .As Usual

I admit that this post may be biased because I am in fact a huge Kanye West fan, but who cares ? As Usual Mr. West' outfit was the talk of the VMAs. He never ever seems to disappoint! The reason I love Kanye is because he is such a style chameleon, which is a hard quality to find in men these days. As a Fashion Icon, he is able to wear jeans & kicks one day [grill included;], a Tory Burch suit the next, and even dabble in women's wear & different textures like leather & snakeskin. He is truly fearless, & thus set trends. 

Last night, Kanye wore an Ombre Chambray Button Down showing a bit of chest in true Yeezy Fashion, which is reportedly from Theyskens for Theory’s Resort 2012 collection,  simple & slightly distressed jeans, an American Flag & a pair of the Watermelon Nike Air Yeezy 2s. 

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New Music Mondays

Just to recap from last week:

Each Monday we'll post one song from a brand new up and coming artist. As a Vogue D supporter it is YOUR job to tell us who is VOGUE & who is HELL NO. The artist who receives ten votes of "VOGUE" will then earn their chance at getting a FEATURE on the website.

 Now back to basics... This Monday calls forth Howard University sophomore Matthew Walker or more eminently known as his rap alias "eMeX." In anticipation of his new mixtape "Honorable Discharge" eMeX has been dropping quite a few singles that have been stuck in the brains of many, but we want to know what our VOGUERS think. Is this cute, curly hair-ed youngin' the Hip Hop artists of today's latest threat or should we say hit the road Jack

--- Below is the music video for his song "Flow for Days."

What D'Mor Peeped at the VMA's

As I ate my gumbo and potato salad, and watched the VMA's, I was definitely shaking my damn head. I didn't even what to go in like this, but upon further review.....I have NO choice. Check it out below. 

1. Sooo MTV copy & pasted BET? Am I the only person who realized that while MTV claimed not have a host this year, Kevin Hart was definitely fulfilling host duties? Hart clearly opened up the show with jokes and performed skits throughout the award ceremony...if that ain't a host, I don't know what is. 

Fresh Off the Runway

Wait no longer guys, our newest Fresh Off the Runway contestant has arrived. This week we have a young lady by the name of Tiffany Elliott. Be sure to give us your complete opinion on her style, VOGUE or NO?

I’m not sure my style can be put in one category, because I’m forever trying new looks. I love to mix and match and experiment with different cultures view of style(of course with my own twist)

 One area of fashion I dabble in more than others is VINTAGE! I love the Thrift store, because I know chances of another female wearing my outfit are ‘slim to none’!

Some days I don’t live by my favorite quote... "I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest."-Ms. Audrey Hepburn. I might through on a tee and jeans, but no matter what accessories are a most, no matter if it is a headband and hoops, or a multitude of jewels.

It doesn't matter what I’m caught in, I always live up to my nickname Erykah Posh!

The confidence that you possess is alluring; If only all women could be so confident in what they wear! The dress in the first photo is darling, I just wished you would have pulled your hair back because there's so much going on with the print and structure of it all. I think it slightly takes away from the execution of the look. The blue in the last photo goes well with your skin. You can never really go wrong with a nice fitted dress, blazer, & pumps. ;]

Jocoby Joyy- Seen && Be SEEN. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Should Trey stay pretty && remain the inventor of sex, or does he have this rap thing down?

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Ultimate Accessory

I completely adore the re-emergence of Male Fashion. These days it's possible to be polished, and well put together, while still being 100% masculine. Needless to say, these Lanvin loafers give me life. Perfect && right on time for Fall . . .


Seven grand isn't much money at all. . .;) Plus I always stress quality over quantity right ?

Do you know How To Love...

Okay, I'm a few days late && I was contemplating on whether or not I should post this but I fell in love with this video as soon as I saw it. It's not the usual rap video where there's about six to seven dudes ["da crew" "homies" "ni**as" etc.] and about 10 females slapping on thongs and dancing around. This video speaks to everyone in so many different languages, that's where the true beauty lies. I swear I got a little emotional too, but enough about me what about you... what do you think about this video? Did Wayne show the world a new, better side or was it a disaster? 

- Taking Hollywood by STORM

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chanel, Lindsay, Jourdan, Natasha, Anabela, && Joan

Last season, Gucci made everyone swelter with their color-blocked masterpieces. & for fall they are not disappointing. Take notes darlings, this is why the brand remains a household name.

Gucci Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Gucci Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Gucci Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Gucci Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Gucci Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Gucci Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

B.T.W. I hope you're paying close attention to what fall trends have to offer. Hint Hint: Shades of red replaced Spring's highly coveted orange, & only the coolest will be spotted in polka dots ;]

Panty Line???? Girl STOP!!!

"Panty Lines are childish and immature. As a grown women you should know which undergarments are appropriate for certain attire." -D'Mor J. 

For any woman, a visible panty line is a depressing situation. When the outline of a lady's underwear is visible, the appearance of their ensemble is tarnished. A lady's body is supposed to be smooth and sexy; however with panty lines causes excess shapes along the figure an image can be misinterpreted. Check out some undergarment disasters to avoid below.

Tragic Ending: From the front she looks great; however when you look at the back the statement bow is unappreciated because all you look at is that horrible panty line. In a situation like this, a thong or seamless panties from Victoria's Secret would have sufficed.  

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Happy Birthday Michael! [6 more days]

Rapper Young Mel gives a special Happy Birthday shout out to Michael Jackson and a special shout out to Vogue | Diaspora! Send in your M.J. tribute/shout out videos to!

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New Music Mondays

Okay, Due to the overwhelming amount of AMAZING TALENT that Vogue | Diaspora is receiving we're going to try something new. Each Monday we'll post one song from a brand new up and coming artist. As a Vogue D supporter it is YOUR job to tell us who is VOGUE & who is HELL NO. The artist who receives ten votes of "VOGUE" will then earn their chance at getting another feature on the website. Simple? Cool... Now, without further ado we introduce Wellz B to you all, here's a snippet of his "Pretty Girls" (Wale) freestyle.

- Taking Hollywood by STORM

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


                         (August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009)

Now, when I do certain posts I try to keep my opinion out of them as much as possible for the sake of not swaying anyone else's opinion. BUT this particular post I just cannot do so. Michael Jackson has had such an impact on my life since the first time I heard his strong, soulful voice. I can remember being just a young girl dancing around in my Harlem apartment not having a care in the World just jamming to some MJ. Now in honor of his birthday, which is coming up very soon, I decided to pay tribute to him and his genius ways. Maybe he truly is invincible, because he certainly does live on inside of the hearts of many. I always did think Mr. Jackson was larger than life...

Anastasia: Long Island, New York
"I started listening to Michael Jackson at the age of four, Billie Jean was the first song I had ever heard by him and I fell in love and never stopped listening since. If I could describe Michael Jackson in one word that word would have to be 'inspirational.' He has inspired me in times of sadness as well as happiness, he portrays many different stages of a persons life through his songs and I can always relate to his lyrics which is why I chose this word."
Her reaction to his death...
"Wow, when I first heard of his death I was absolutely and completely petrified. I thought that my relatives and the media were lying to me, and it was some kind of joke. I never thought an artist's death could touch me in this way. I believe that because his death had such a huge impact of children and adults all over the World his legacy will always live on. When I speak to other people they always agree that they will pass on his music to their children, and I wouldn't see why not. He has created REAL music."

He's a DANCING machine :
Come on, WE ALL KNOW that there was one time in life (some of us probably still do!) where we can each remember trying to master that crazy MOON WALK. Aside from his smooth, yet domineering voice that told a story with every pitch and note that he hit ever so gracefully, there were his innovative dance movements. His dancing has inspired virtually MOST of today's artists such as Neyo, Usher, Chris Brown, and the list goes on and on.

Check out Anthony McDaniels and his flashback to his childhood as he pays respect to the King of Pop.

Michael gave the World everything. He gave us FASHIONmusicDANCElife, which is why so many people across the World are making sure he is NEVER forgotten. I mean, it wouldn't be an easy task to forget him anyway. In honor of his birthday we want YOU to send in any videos, or photos that you have displaying your love for Michael to be debuted before and on his birthday, August 29. & to those who do not wish to do so then simply join Vogue | Diaspora as we remember Michael, look for more videos and photos honoring Michael.

-Taking Hollywood by STORM

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Rep Ya City: College 101

Everyone knows that Howard's Freshman Week is one of the livest times of the whole year. Full of parties, & excitement one has many different options to choose from. Make sure you hit up the Rep Ya City: College 101 Party. Hosted by The S.C.H.E.M.E. Team & DJ Ill Advised in the mix. This Monday at Liv Nightclub ;]

Thursday, August 11, 2011

White Men Can't.... RAP?!

Ayeeeee little Justin Bieber has a FLOW?! I'm sure you all got your thirst quenched and downloaded/listened to the Boy In Detention mixtape when it FIRST came out, but I want to know what YOU THINK OF THIS particular one which features seventeen year old phenom Justin Bieber! I just feel like the Bieber fever spread a little more after this one.
-Taking Hollywood by STORM.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Carol's Daughters" are BEAUTIFUL.

Cassie, Solange Knowles and Selita Ebanks were just picked as Carol's Daughter brand's ambassadors ... (pictured below) Cassie & Solange show exquisite beauty in different forms.

Photo c/o: Carol's Daughter Products
(Carol's Daughter Products normally specialize in natural hair treatment but "The Macadamia Heat Styling Collection" feature products that can be used on ALL hair textures/types. For more info go to

Be YOU, Be REAL, Be BEAUTIFUL.-Taking Hollywood by STORM

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Have YOU Heard THIS?

Exclusive photos from the "Be the One" music video LLoyd ft. Trey Songz.

Before they release the super sexy video, make sure you know the words so you can sing the hook like I've been doing "GIRL I WANNNA BE THE ONE, B-B-B-BE THE ONE!!!!!" 

(We do not own any rights to this song.)

For more details on the video, and even more exclusive photos visit TREYSONGZ.COM

-Taking Hollywood by STORM

Young Mel

So after reviewing all the hot tracks that people are sending in I stumbled across a man named Young Mel. I was trying to figure out how I knew that name but then I remembered a couple months back when my Facebook newsfeed was buzzing with something called the "Mel|evision Mixtape" and I was like HE MUST BE FEATURED ON THE PAGE. Sometimes a lot of rappers sound the EXACT SAME, but I don't know something about YM just makes me want to listen ... check it out for yourselves. & LONG ISLAND stand up!!!!

"I don't rap about nothing that I don't do stop that, so guns I don't pop that."

Name: Young Mel
From: Long Island, NY
Young Mel:
"I never wanted to be a rapper. Back when I was 8 a few of my cousins wanted to perform a song by some group called Mag-7 at a talent show & they talked me into doing it with them. Then after that my cousin Ty-Q & I use to sit in different rooms, write for like 20 mins dissin each other & come together & spit em for each other lol. Then from there I just got into it & started writing my own material & experimenting different things. I wasn't really too serious up until maybe I turned 15. Then when my cousin T.Y. Passed away in 2009 that's when it got real. I've never been so serious in my life lol. I just want to be that Only young rapper that's on all the songs wit the vets & Killin lol. In 10 years I see myself set. Idk if I'll still be rapping at 30 haha. But you never know."
For more on Young Mel go to
& cop the mixtape Melroy Jetson on 10/15/11!!

-Taking Hollywood by STORM

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Praise to Teyana - Harlem World's Princess.

Now, a lot of people may be confused as to just exactly what this lovely woman picture above's official "job title" is but I bet you they know her NAME. She sings, she acts, dances and writes music. I mean and not to mention that she was born in Harlem, New York, the same place I was born!!!! But anywho, back to business... Is it just me or does TEYANA TAYLOR never cease to amaze the public with her style? This post isn't going to be the usual where I try to stimulate your mind with words, I'm merely just going to arouse your senses with a few breath taking photos I stumbled upon while researching the beautiful Teyana Taylor.

This is honestly what first made me take notice to her. When we think of women we think of high heels, lipstick, short dresses but we tend to forget the beauty in individuality. I LOVE how Teyana can go from Angel in a short dress to devil in tees and hoodies and still be a killer.
In an interview [ not one with V O G U E | Diaspora ] Teyana says ... 
 “See the Harlem girl in me loves wife-beaters and Timbs. I just love the whole Harlem boy swag. I’ll pick that any day”
Teyana Taylor does the damn thing and she DOES IT WELL. I say we raise a glass to all the beautiful young black women on the rise! 

-Taking Hollywood by STORM.

What I seen while "Watching The Throne"

Thinking about the girl in all leopard
Who was rubbing the wood like Kiki Shepherd
Two tattoos one read No Apologies
The other said Love is Cursed by Monogamy
It’s somethin’ that the pastor don’t preach
It’s somethin’ that a teacher can’t teach
When we die the money we can’t keep
But we probably spend it all cause the pain ain’t cheap, preach

I think it's safe to say that the Hip Hop album of Summer 2011 is "Watch The Throne." As soon as the clocks strike 12, twitter flooded with Watch The Throne quotes. Kanye brought the lyrics and flow of genius, while Jay Z delivered as usual. I know #TeamVOGUE|Diaspora heard the album, so what do you all think?

Did Kanye body Jay Z on this collaborative album? 
What's you favorite song? 
Do you think this album will go down as on of the greatest album in Hip Hop history? 
Did Watch The Throne live up to the Hype?

VogueNote: Check out Jayne Zest! He cute??? lol 

D'Mor: No style; No Brand! No Market; No Money!  Its that simple.

Ode to the Life: Dance first, Think later.

 “To dance is to be out of yourself.  Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.” – Agnes D.
While watching Laurieann Gibson's "Born To Dance," I witnessed tears cascade down the faces of the dancers, and instantly connected with their emotion. As a dancer myself, I am witnessing today's media celebrate the dancer, and I want to be a part of this VOGUE|Diaspora watch these dancers live...and be inspired! 

 Even if you're not a dancer find something that speaks to your heart, and become the best at it! Be active & do NOT let life pass you by. 

I wanted to live, so I danced-- D'Mor J.  

Friday, August 05, 2011

You sly little FOX!

The question on everyone's mind may be "why is she posting this old song?" The significance of this song will ring for years to come though. Rapper Nasir Jones corageously takes shots at Fox News, but what I love most about this song is his delivery. Instead of cursing and becoming irate (like Fox News normally expects him and "those like him" to do) he chooses his words wisely and delivers punch lines that are sure to capture EVERYONE'S attention. I mean I would say Nas gets his message across accurately, but WHAT DO YOU THINK?!

"Only Fox that I love was the red one
Only black man that Fox loves is in jail or a dead one!
Red rum
Political bedlam
Don't let the hype into your eyes and ear drum
Murdoch on Fox
Not 18 with Barracas
And he hate Barack cause
He march with the marchers

-Taking Hollywood by STORM

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Mid-day Eye Candy.

I LOVE celebrating ALL types of beauty.

Chinese VOGUE September 2011
**Jocoby Joyy- be like FASHION. Have NO limits.

The Common Good Cocktail Party

A bunch of our favorite celebs were spotted at The Common Good Cocktail Party, but fashion-wise to me all the attention should have been on supermodel Jessica White. I know she is most known for her Sports Illustrated sexiness, but this girl has repeatedly proved that she can look just as hot completely covered. I mean she shined in this pastel yellow dress, peep toe pumps, & hair in a chic chignon.

&& the deep wine colored lip goes perfectly with her complexion.

Angela Simmons was also in attendance. I'm not the biggest fan of this outfit for this event. If she were just shopping or having a regular chill day then cool, but considering it was supposed to be a cocktail party . . . NO. Still love you though, Angela.

& last but not least, designer Rachel Roy was there as well. I'm not gonna comment on the 2001 sunglasses. Is there a reoccurring trend that I'm missing? You can't even see her beautiful face & Rachel is a gorgeous woman, so I'm extremely disappointed.

Who rocked their outfit the best to you? Team VOGUE|D always knows best ;]

**Jocoby Joyy- I don't want to cool. I don't want to be liked. I want to be FASHION.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

ZARA will be sold Online

Starting September 7th, one of your favorite retailers will be allowing all of its US customers the oppurtunity to shop online. I for one am too excited. Now, if only H&M will hop on the bandwagon!

**Jocoby Joy- Be like FASHION. Have NO limits.

It's Still B Season

Harper's BAZAAR

Beyonce Covers UK Harper's BAZAAR September issue. If only I could get my hands on one of these!

**Jocoby Joy - If KING B doesn't inspire you, then I don't know what does.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

It's the ROK, no Jay-Z

Okay, judging off of the amazing feedback we get each week when we post new up and coming artists I would say we're doing our job right thus far!

So without further ado it is my pleasure to introduce the V O G U E | D world to Mr. Jordan "Rok" Bailey. Bailey, or more eminently known under his rap alias "Rok Bailey" is also a Bison, or Howard University student. I've had the pleasure of witnessing his jaw dropping talent, and his quite ... infamous hand movements if you will, in person at the poetry cyphers. This kid screams TALENT. Just to give a little background on the PHILLY native I'll just let you all know that he is a nineteen year old avid Kanye, Jeezy and Andre 3000 fan, well I mean with favorites like that how can he not be great himself? Instead of giving you a whole paragraph on how great he is, I'll let your ears do the judging ... listen to his music below and to check out the exclusive interview V O G U E | Diaspora had with Rok Bailey click on this link--->> Rok Bailey Interview

(This was taken from 28 Days of Black via THEURBANFEEDTV Youtube Channel, we do not own the rights to this video.)

Taking Hollywood by STORM
Jordan "Rok" Bailey

I just want to start this interview off with a serious question.What do you think of the current stage of Hip Hop?


I believe that right now hip hop is in its recovery stage. There are alot of new, creative rappers such as J cole, wale, and kendrick lemar that are bringing a sense of lyricism back into music. Underground hip hop is thriving right now as well. I love to see that.

Okay, well just what exactly do you hope to accomplish with your music?


I hope to bring popular music back into hip hop. I make music for everyone because I've come into contact with so many different types of people. I can make music for the singles mothers, and I can write songs for the middle aged white man who wants to relax after a hard day of work. The goal is for my music to be universally good.

When did you decide that you wanted to pursue music and how long have you been rapping?


I have loved music since forever lol, but I got serious about music around 13. I used to walk to play basketball and freestyle to myself until i arrived at the courts. Eventually, i began rapping in front of large groups of people. I credit my friends for encouraging me to break into the music industry, because my lines used to cause quite a reaction with them lol.

Okay and speaking of the music industry, what is your biggest fear regarding it [the music industry]?


My biggest fear period has always been that my voice will never truly be heard. If I can't make my way inside the industry without speaking from my soul, then I will feel dissapointed in myself. Coming from the hood, there are so many experiences I can speak on wether its the struggle or the violence. Those stories hold so much value.

Who are your biggest influences and why?


My favorite artists are Kanye West, Young Jeezy, and Andre 3000. Coldplay is my favorite band. To me, Kanye is the best "artist" in the world, he can produce, rap, and perform. Plus, he'll speak his mind on ANYTHING in the media. Jeezy is the realest ever, and Andre 3000 has a unique flow. I still haven't made it to a Coldplay concert lol those guys are amazing..Viva la vida became my favorite song after a couple listens


Now, If you had anything to tell to other aspiring musicians what would it be?

Change the world. If you can't change the world with your music, then spread love with your music.

Well, It was an absolute pleasure speaking with you, and we wish you all the success in the world - one day the World will be screaming ROK BAILEY!

Thank you, thank you and I love the website! Its
very organized which is underrated. I usually read about 2 or 3 posts a day whether its music related or fashion related!

-Taking Hollywood by STORM

She Gives Me LIFE.

Solange was SPOTTED at the Watch The Throne Listening party serving all types summer chic. No I mean not to take away from the other celebrities who were there, such as the beautiful Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and The Throne themselves but I have to acknowledge Solange. In pop culture so many of the woman who we adore and give titles to as fashionista's are simply not women of color. Her style is the business & she deserves so much credit. ENJOY ;]

**Jocoby Joyy- Brand yourself. Market yourself. Its the only way to succeed.

Pearls of Wisdom.

Donna Karan Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Donna Karan Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Donna Karan Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Donna Karan Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Donna Karan Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Donna Karan Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Donna Karen titled her Fall show Pearls of Wisdom, and wisdom it was. I'm in love with their topknots and pale pink lips. Karen knows how to make a woman feel like a woman. The collection looks so glamorous and elegant, while still looking achievable. I feel as though any of the women I know can wear something similar. VOGUE or No?

*Jocoby Joyy- Fall is coming ladies. Get that wardrobe in order ;]