Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diana Ross Not Impressed By Tyler Perry?

Tyler Perry has made hits at the box office with his movies but there is at least one person who is not impressed... Ms. Diana Ross.

Tyler Perry has said how he would love to work with Ms. Ross and has tried contacting her on numerous occasions, but they all ended in defeat.

"She's been ignoring me for years" says Perry in an interview with Essence magazine. "She's the only person that I have dreamed of working with that will not return my calls."

He recalls a time where she did speak with him once, but when he presented his offer of a starring role in one of his films she simply said "no."

As told by insiders, Diana doesn't want to taint her image.

“Diana feels Tyler’s movies, TV shows and especially his main character ‘Madea’ have no substance,” an insider told The National Enquirer.

“Diana is all about her entertainment legacy,” the insider said. “The last thing she wants is to co-star in a cheesy comedy starring a Black man in a fat suit playing a half-cocked, angry old woman waving a gun.”
Well... isn't she just a diva!

- Taking Hollywood by STORM 

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  1. she looks like a super saiyan 3 michael jackson in that picture doeeee