Monday, July 02, 2012

Ready For The Runway | Artonique

VOGUE | Diaspora: Why do you think you have what it takes to be a dynamic force in the fashion industry?
Nelson: I am ambitious, and I am a strong person. My strong mind, wisdom and go-getter attitude will take me far. not only that, but I will never sacrifice self respect, dignity, and my morality for fame, and I think that's commendable.
VOGUE | Diaspora: What type of modeling are you interested in?
Nelson: Well I've done commercial, runway and print modeling, so I'm definitely interested in those fields as well as editorial modeling.

VOGUE | Diaspora: Are there any models that you mirror?
Nelson: When modeling, I like to come up with my own original poses. However, I do look up to Iman. Not only did she help pave the way for models of color around the world, but she used her fame to raise awareness about the issues in her home country, and strived to make it better. Paving the way for other models is something I’d like to do, but being a good example and role model is more powerful than any pose on the runway will ever be.

VOGUE | Diaspora: Have you had any experiences that really helped cultivate your career as a model?
Nelson: Yes. both of my parents are living examples of perseverance and diligence. seeing them succeed has taught me that I truly can achieve anything if I take the time to  seek wisdom and put in effort.
VOGUE | Diaspora: Why should the fashion industry invest in you?
Nelson: Well, of the gifts God has given me, the one skill that seems to stand out the most in me is leadership. My confidence, passion, and care for others make me a good leader because I genuinely want the best for those around me. Besides having compassion for others, I also have a clear, vivid picture of where I want to go in life and how to get there. My enthusiasm and passion causes me to subconsciously assume the position of a leader. My core values of self discipline and dedication also cause me to relentlessly pursue my goals.  By being a part of the fashion industry, my goal is to, with my own fame, bring fame to the things that truly matter to a person's well being- like self respect, class, and morality. I will show everyone that you don't have to sell out or stop being who you are to become successful. you can do it by just being you.
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VogueNote: It really was a great pleasure to interview Artonique. She is very well spoken, and personable. The Ladies of VOGUE | Diaspora wish you all the success in the world. 

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  2. I saw her in the Howard homecoming fashion show- her walk is FIERCE. work it girl!

  3. This is very inspiring as a black woman to see the youth out there making something out of themselves

  4. Congrats to my niece Artonique!!!! :) So proud of you! Love, Aunty Dee