Tuesday, September 04, 2012

9. 4. 9. 1 | D-Day

Everybody wants to be a star, but do they have what it takes? 

As seen on "The Vampire Diariesand "Tyler Perry's House of Payne," VOGUE|Diaspora presents DESIREE.
 Born and raised in the beautiful South Florida, this Actress, Singer, Dancer, and Songwriter is on her way to fame and fortune. The striving superstar recently signed with one of LA's top acting agency, and is preparing to acquire her first recording deal. She is amazing! With potential to excel in all realms of entertainment, DESIREE is one of Tomorrow's Star Today.

V O G U E | Diaspora: Why do you think you have what it takes to be a dynamic force in entertainment?

Desiree: "The entertainment industry lacks artists who demonstrate real talent in all artistic areas. I think people are always looking for someone to fulfill the shoes of their idols, but I want to surpass them. On another note, I think I have what it takes because what I can present what has been absent for some time. There aren't any artists out now that can master the art of performing at a superior level on stage, on film, and on a record."

Desiree on House of Payne

V O G U E | Diaspora: How do you plan on using your  talents to impact the world?

Desiree: "My talents were not given to me for personal gain; therefore, I will use them to impact the world by first making it a healer and comforter to the world. When people see and/or hear me I want them to become more appreciative of life. I want the world to learn what real entertainment is and realize that true talent is therapeutic to ones heart, mind, and soul."
V O G U E | Diaspora: In 3 years who will Desiree be?
Desiree: "Desiree will be an individual who is on the verge of fulfilling her purposes in life which is to entertain & use blessing to help bless others."

Desiree on The Vampires Diaries 
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To Contact Desiree via Email: Desireemann10@yahoo.com

VogueNote: Today is Desiree or Deyonce (Which is what I like to call her) Birthday!!! 

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