Monday, September 03, 2012

New | Music: Kevin DuRap?

Jay Z, I mean KD got BARS!!!!!

Many may know Kevin Durant as one of the premiere players in the NBA. With his cool demeanor on the court, we would assume that this young man's hobbies included everything but rapping. However, these assumption are far from the truth for Durant  blessed the booth with his exclusives on Privaledge's "Rolls Royce" single. This isn't the first time KD got his J. Cole on...and something tells me that it won't be his last. Check out KD The Rapper...

What D'Mor Peeped
1. He can actually R A P. 
2. If KD decides to be a rapper, his career would be WAAAYYY more credible than Shaq's. 
3. He said "Turn Me Up" at the beginning of "Worried Bout Tomorrow" ... PRICELESS! 

So what do you think about KD rapping??? What do you think his rap name should be?? Speak on it Vogue | Diaspora :)

VogueNote: We thought it was a joke in Nike's "Don't Criticize" Music Video. LOL
D'Mor J. "No style. No Fashion. It's THAT simple."


  1. Kd tryna take over everything lol.

  2. I fcks with KD. No lie. I would ask for him to marry me, but I know that's D'Mor boo.

  3. D'mor is dating a professional athlete?