Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Will the Real Hailie Please Stand Up?

Ever wonder what happened to Eminem's little bundle of joy? Well, she's ALL GROWN UP.

Remember the baby girl Eminem would always rap about? Hailie Jade Scott is her name and she is now SIXTEEN.

Here are some updated photos...

Maybe he doesn't publicize her so she can live a "normal" life...

Remember this? Eminem was a bit CRAZY...

- Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. I love Eminem and all of his madness.

  2. the second pic (in the green) is NOT HAILIE!!!! hailie has blonder hair ( as you can see in the other pics ). omg get your facts right

  3. the girl in the second pic is 18 and canadian (ew) ...... her name is samatha cooper.
    the other pics are hailie though, and MY GOD SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! she looks just like her daddy :)