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CRAZIEST moments in Hip Hop:

The Hip Hop world is lively, raw, uncut even and there are plenty of bizarre occurrences. VOGUE | D is bringing you the ten moments that NO ONE can forget.

Tupac Calls Dr. Dre Gay!
Suge Knight, the former Death Row Records CEO, spoke with Howard Stern and spilled the details on Dr. Dre's alleged homosexuality. Apparently, Tupac  stood up to Dr. Dre and said "I'm tired of this, you're a fa**ot." Listen to the clip:

Lil B Drops "I'm Gay"
Lil B was criticized by all types of people after he announced the title of his previous album, I'm Gay. After Lil B sat down in interviews and explained his decision, it shed a different light on the artist. Watch the clip below.

Lil B
(video via RapFix)

Kanye West: "Bush Doesn't Care About Black People."
Chi-Town's own Mr. West has been in the hot seat quite a few times from incidences with Taylor Swift, Amber Rose and so on and so forth. This however has to be one of the craziest things Kanye West has done... West publicly accused former President George W. Bush of "not caring for black people" only to apologize later on. Some saw this is extreme disrespect...

His apology later on...

Redman Shows Off His "CRIB!"
When rapper Redman appeared on MTV Cribs viewers were definitely in for a few laughs. Not to judge but... being the person that Redman is people would've expected him to have a more... lavish... household. The "crib" that Redman showed off was definitely a huge SHOCK!

Rick Ross Was An OFFICER!

After the rumors the proof came. There were records and documentation leaked that proved that Rick Ross, the "gangsta" Miami rapper, was once a correctional officer. This was a huge shock to the hip hop community because Ross exhibited this "drug dealer" bad boy mentality. He even denied the allegations for awhile only to come clean after awhile. Oh Ricky, honesty is the best policy!

Lil Mama Hops on Stage UNINVITED!
When Jay Z and Alicia Keys hit the VMA stage to perform their hit "Empire State of Mind" NO ONE expected a crash in the performance. Brooklyn native rapper Lil Mama said she "got emotional" and started to "feel the energy" as a response to why she jumped on stage. 
Lil Mama says:

Young Buck CRIES to 50 Cent!
50 Cent is no stranger to publicly humiliating other rappers. He did it to The Game, Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Diddy, Kanye West but perhaps the most memorable was what he did to former G-Unit member Young Buck. 50 Cent didn't appreciate Young Buck saying "F**k G-Unit" so the Queens native took matters into his own hands and leaked a conversation the two of them had. Young Buck can be heard crying and talking about his financial situation.

Lil Wayne kisses his "daddy" TWICE!

Birdman and Lil Wayne shocked the world when they planted a kiss on each other's lips. If that wasn't surprising enough the two repeated this same act on 106 and Park. When Free (previous host of 106 and Park) asked Birdman about women who may kiss while he's on the road Lil Wayne jumped in and said "I'm the only one he kisses." Watch the clip here:

Gunplay (rapper) Sniffs Cocaine ON CAMERA!
WHAT? Forget weed, Rick Ross's artist Gunplay allegedly SNIFFED COCAINE while out in Colombia. How bizarre... well with a rap name like Gunplay it's clear his intentions were never to be a positive role model.

To see the video Click Here


(Picture taken from a video found on YouTube)

Watch as his ex wife speaks about the altercation(s)

VOGUE | Note: We do not wish to degrade anyone's career or reputation, we only wish to provide entertainment and news to our readers'.

BONUS: Obama takes Jay Z's advice and gets that "dirt" off his shoulders...[skip to 0:31]

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