Monday, October 03, 2011

I whip my...

Most women want long, luxurious, healthy looking hair, right? We want something for our man to be able to run his fingers through and grab onto when he expresses his affection. But... some of us let our desperation for this allow us to go to ANY measure to get this that they don't take the time out to make sure it's good quality. I'm sure we all know what I'm talking about by now.

When you go to the salon and step out looking good, looking great isn't it one of the best feelings in the whole entire world? They can't tell you NOTHING right? You are BEYONCE. Well, not all weaves are GOOD weaves! It's just like a tattoo... good weaves are never cheap, and cheap weaves are never good. Since celebrities are in the limelight I feel like they should be on their A-game ALL THE TIME. There is always someone watching them, and these pictures I'm about to show you all makes me wonder what they were thinking...

The most important thing when getting your weave done is the hair selection...

As you can see, the top of her hair is darker than the bottom, which means the blonde tracks that she purchased did not match her original hair color. This is a dead giveaway, you might as well walk down the street singing "this is not my hair." You don't have to do this alone ladies, make sure the hair store you go to has people who can properly assist you when buying your hair. & if you're ordering your hair online you have the option of dying the hair yourself. If your hair color is a 30, you shouldn't have 33 in your head!

Another important thing when buying hair is making sure your hair texture matches that of your tracks. If you're getting a full-head sew in then obviously that does not matter, but if you plan on leaving some of your real hair out when getting your sew in this is extremely important. **if your hair is natural then you must take this into consideration BEFORE purchasing your hair**

HIDE YOUR TRACKS! The point of getting a sew-in is to create the illusion that your hair is either longer, or fuller than it actually is, right? So why on Earth would you ever let your tracks show? Unacceptable in any situation. Too grown for that Britney!

All I can say with this one is... MAKE SURE YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR REAL HAIR as well. Naomi Campbell clearly didn't get that memo because she has NO EDGES.

Whether you're getting sew-in or clip-in blending your regular hair with the tracks is important. In this picture you can tell just how long Paris's real hair is because it's sticking out beyond the extensions. 

Lumpy/bumpy weaves look crazy, and unnatural...

Another thing that is extremely important is the HAIR SALON you go to. You wouldn't trust an inexperienced surgeon to perform open-heart surgery on you, right? DON'T TRUST JUST ANYONE with your hair. 

"Hair is a key factor in women's self-expression. Express yourself." - Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. lol you love your weaves jenny

  2. but yeah britney looks cray

  3. britney been a hot ass mess

  4. I mean, I don't think hair is that big of a deal, and I feel bad for women because they not only have to deal with being humans in this crazy world, but also dealing with keeping up appearances. I mean, it's one thing for a dude to be ugly. Even if there are ugly, there is still a chance for them to be successful in life, but for woman, a good amount of their success is based on how they look. It's the truth, and, of course, there are exceptions to every rule. But, I digress. As cliche as it sounds, why mess with something that is not broken. If you have short hair, embrace it. I love a girl that is comfortable enough with herself to wear a short haircut and swag it out! If you have long hair, wear the hell out of that. I just think that weave is misleading, but I am not knocking it by any means because some women look absolutely beautiful with it (JENNIFER SMALLS lol). So, I say all of ^^^ this to say to just do you.