Thursday, October 27, 2011



Sources say that Bieber, 17, was cruising down the streets of LA with buddy Sean Kingston trailing behind as he cut off a CHP officer and was pulled over. They then arrested Bieber and took...

 LOL JK, did you really think the BIEBS would get arrested?! Luckily, they let the singer who also now RAPS with buddy Chris Brown off with just a warning. I'm about to start calling him BieberBADA*S!

But... can we just talk about his car? According to an article on TMZ Bieber's batman themed cadillac has a custom JB logo on the side panel, "Batmobile" written on the trunk, accompanied by twin batman symbols on the front and back of the car. Justin Bieber is just out here living the life. Money, cars, now all he needs are the...

Now my question to you Voguers, do you think Bieber is headed down a different path, did he let the fame get to him? Or is it the crowd he hangs out with? Or is it the money? Or is he still the "same ol' Biebs?"

- Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. 1 he is not a rapper
    2 he is supahh spoiled
    3 he is a joke cb needs to stop making this fool think hes cool

  2. lmaoooo i was bout to say. Thug life my ass

  3. gay gay gay gay gay