Monday, October 31, 2011

I promised our male readers that every week I would post on a different website that caters to them & their needs. Well here it goes. . . Top 3 Reasons why you should shop  

  1. Membership Required Website. Essentially, this means you get exclusive access to sample sales and email updates from your favorite designers & brands. THE BREAKDOWN- first dibs on pieces you want at cheaper prices.
  2. PLNDR Offers Variety. Shop brands such as Acropolis, DOPE COUTURE, & BLVCK SCVLE, and many others. You wont be limited to just one brand or type of look. 
  3. Pick Up Something For Your Gal. Yes, this website caters to men but how convenient is it that there is a female section as well? A few pieces for you, a few pieces for your girlfriend as well ;]
Check out it out, & tell me what you think. 

**Jocoby Joyy- A real man of style and distinction is going to be well put together. && that's that.