Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rihanna Navy!

We Found Love

Is it sad that this video almost made me cry? I think #rihannanavy screamed a little bit louder when Rihanna released the "We Found Love" video. About three weeks ago Vogue | Diaspora showed our Voguers stills from the video shoot and now we give you the video via Rihanna Official Website . What I loved most about this video is that it actually had a concept. The raw, uncut, realness of this video is so breathtaking and I'm sure that almost everyone felt something after watching this video. Rihanna NEVER ceases to amaze her crowd and this video surely did speak volume.

(Click on the Link and go to "Now" to view video and comment and tell Vogue | Diaspora what you think!)

- Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. lol jennifer youre obsssesed but i love the video just as much as you do this video really did have meaning props to the director

  2. I loved that video and I'm not a fan. I just really don't like how Rihanna is always half naked now. Great video nonetheless.

  3. I bet she was having memories of her relationship with chris brown.. I wonder if this video was hard for her to do. I loved it!