Monday, October 24, 2011

New Music Mondays

It's Monday so you know what that means... NEW MUSIC MONDAYS!!!! I don't know what it is about Vogue | Diaspora but we seem to get all the good looking fellas sending in their music, this proves that this is NOT just a page for the ladies. This Monday we're taking it to Brooklyn, New York with rapper Frank Mcfly. What I liked most about this particular song is that the rapper shows a bit of a sentimental side as he raps about a breakup with his girlfriend. The song, entitled "Take Off" (features Paul G.) gives its listeners a feel for breakup through a man's perspective. So Voguers, it's your job to give this song a listen, is this 18 year old rapper VOGUE or HELL NO?!

You should all know the deal by now, but for our new-found Voguers if you're liking what you hear then comment on the post and state your approval. Now, on the other hand if what you're hearing is just not okay then feel free to say HELL NO YOU GOTTA GO! We're all grown ups here! The artist who receives ten votes of yes (or as we call them: Vogue Votes) will then earn their chance to weekly updates on Vogue | Diaspora! Now let the music play...

-Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. Ehh. at least he's hawttt !

  2. VOGUE to the first guy