Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Who Is: Jhene Aiko

If you know who Cassie is then you BETTER know who Jhene Aiko is. I'm not really one to boost one artist by bringing another down but Jhene can actually SING and she is a model. Personally, I was first introduced to Jhene's music back in my B2k days when I knew every song, move and attended every concert of theirs. Jhene, who is the cousin of former B2k member Dreux Pierre Frédéric (Lil Fizz) appeared on the Scream Tour 3 as an opening act and also recorded a few tracks with B2k such as "Tease."

Quick Bio:
Born: Los Angeles, CA
Race: Of Japanese, Dominican, African & Native American descent (in no specific order)
Siblings: Miyoko & Mila J (former members of Gyrl)
Signed to Epic Records
Has one child with O'ryan, brother of former B2k member Omarion

READ MORE to listen to two exclusive tracks by and featuring Jhene Aiko!

"Sailing NOT Selling." Jhene Aiko feat Kanye West

"Tease" B2k feat. JHENE AIKO & Romeo of IMX

- Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. Yayyyy!!! I openly stalk Vogue Diaspora. one of My top 5 online blogs. Thanks for the info ladies

  2. I love jhene she's a beast!