Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Baby Mama Drama...

Mariah Yeater, a 20 year old woman from California is filing a paternity suit against...


According to Yeater she slept with the Biebs himself after she got backstage at one of his concerts when she was 19. Her child, who she claims is the son of Justin is now three months old and of course she wants a paternity test to prove that he is indeed the father of her child.

What are we thinking Voguers, did the Biebs lay it down or is this woman just looking for a couple stacks?

For more on this...

-Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. lmaoooo I read this on TMZ thats so sad this is about as bogus as the story of the chick who said she got pregooo from a 3d porno

  2. not true... -__- ... every1 knows that JB doesnt have sperm yet .. smh.. shame on her