Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Big Sean . Dance (A$$) Video feat. Nicki Minaj

Watch Big Sean get his Fresh Prince on & Nicki Minaj attempt to pop that thang in his new video, Dance (A$$). 

Is it just me, or does the B-I-G Sean Don stay swagged out? I mean his overly large, gold, almost costume style jewelry. I <3 it. && did we really need all of that fake twerkin from Nicki. . .LOL the video is . . .interesting enough.

"Couldn't get Michael Kors if you were f****n Michael Kors!" has to be the best line throughout the track. 

 & with the song already being a club banger, I think it will be received well. Your thoughts ?

**Jocoby Joyy- Create your brand. & Market it. What else is there to say? 

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