Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sailing Souls

This year, V O G U E | Diaspora gave you all a sneak peak on Jhene Aiko; however, we didn't present an outlet for you all to access her music. For those of you who do not know, Jhene released her "Sailing Souls" mixtape on Mar 28, 2011, and it is a collection of honest and soothing music that we all can relate to. Click here to download her mixtape, then comment telling us your favorite song. Watch the video to one of the songs on her mixtape below. 

Vogue Note: Hoe ft. Miguel & Gucci Mane, You vs. Them, and Growing Apart ft. Kendrick Lamar are my FAVORITES. 
D'Mor J "No Style, No Fashion. It is that simple."


  1. My favorite song is "You vs. Them". Absolutely beautiful track <3

  2. My favorite tracks are stranger and my mine. Love her