Wednesday, November 16, 2011

'No Limit' to her swagger?

Cymphonique Miller

She's got the looks, but  does 13 year old Cymphonique Miller have the talent? Most of you may already know that Cymphonique Miller is the sister of the handsome Romeo Miller but her style is nothing like his and ever since she was younger she has been establishing herself as an independent artist! She says in an interview done with 'Teen Performance' "I’ve been doing commercials ever since I was little, but I got my start with Disney’s 'The Next Big Thing.' They were constantly playing my music on radio Disney and that gave me a lot of exposure. They told me after the TV show was finished that they got 12 million people to vote online, which was record breaking for Disney!" Well without any further ado we introduce the Vogue | D world to Ms. Miller. Check out her latest song featuring none other than her brother, and of course let us know VOGUE or NO?!...

- Taking Hollywood by STORM

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