Monday, September 05, 2011


Earlier in the week we revealed to you all a series of hints as to who our next "Tomorrow's Stars Today" feature would be. It was said that she is a dancer [and has danced/worked with and/or alongside numerous celebrities such as Fantasia, Ludacris, Souljah Boy and MANY MORE], and that she resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Now, before I release the name of this extremely beautiful, talented, young lady you must FIRST watch this amazing choreography by Atlanta's own SEAN BANKHEAD which features her and a line of other dancers. Maybe then you will get a feel for who this 'mystery' feature is!

     (We do not own rights to this video, photos nor the music. Choreography by Sean Bankhead.)

               Kenitia Coleman

I had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful, talented Ms. Coleman and I just could not wait to share it with you VOGUERS. You would think for someone who has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time she would have this "larger than life" mentality but she is extremely down-to-Earth!

I started off the interview by asking when she FIRST decided dancing was what she wanted to do and exactly how long she has been dancing & her response was...

"I was 12 years old and decided after going to a Bow Wow concert and seeing dancers that i wanted to do the same. I've been doing Ballet,Jazz,Modern,Lyrical,Contemporary,African,and Theater for about six years.Once i moved to Atlanta 2 years ago i got into Hip Hop training."


On who her biggest influences are and where she sees herself in ten years...

"My Monsters Of Hip Hop family are my Biggest influences.They are all extremely hard workers and humble individuals and in ten years I see myself on tour with Janet Jackson, if not sooner, managing a company and being a business woman."

On how she began dancing with Sean Bankhead...

"I met him as soon as I moved to Atlanta. I was taking his dance class and after class he wanted all my information because he said he loved me.Working for and with him is always an amazing experience, I learn so much from him. Its funny because I used to think I'll never meet him but now we are really close."
 Everytime V O G U E | Diaspora does a feature on an up and coming star we ALWAYS keep you updated on the latest and greatest regarding them. To see more from this dancer stay tuned to

Kenitia Coleman dancing to 'Bulletproof.'

Taking Hollywood by STORM


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