Friday, September 23, 2011

Hey, Hey, Hey... Goodbye...

As if news isn't always sad enough there is some more sad news... well sad news for most women between the ages of 25 and 70!

For 41 years All My Children had been providing love, drama, fashion, and entertainment specifically to women. I can remember when I was younger, as soon as my mom came home from a long day's work, the first thing she did was turn on those soap operas! She did it even before she started dinner! All My Children had over ten thousand episodes and not to mention the story lines that had EVERYONE on edge each show. I literally grew up in Pine Valley and honestly this is a little bit sad to even me, a person who lived off of soap operas through my mother. After the final episode which airs tonight, Vogue | Diaspora says a warm, heartfelt GOODBYE ALL MY CHILDREN!

-Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. yo my mom is gonna be sick

  2. Smh this is so sad And, you know that they asked Oprah can they put there show on the O channel and she denied it. This is really tragic because so many people in America watched this show and so many grandma's would sit at home and watch there grandchildren and watch each episode. Personally i think america is losing at great Soap.