Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fashion | Faux-Pas: Adidas Shackles

Who designed these? Who initially approved its released? Who thought it was appropriate? 

When I seen these shoes I was appalled. I originally didn't want to blog about this, but my dance sister informed me that I should bring it to my viewers attention. These shoes, also known as the JS Roundhouse Mids, were designed by Jeremy Scott and expected to be released in  August. However, after many raged about the painful memory that the shoes represented, Scott confirmed that the shoe will no longer be released. 

"The attempt to commercialize and make popular more than 200 years of human degradation, where blacks were considered three-fifths human by our Constitution is offensive, appalling, and insensitive."
- Rev. Jesse Jackson

"The design of the JS Roundhouse Mid is nothing more than the designer Jeremy Scott's outrageous and unique take on fashion and has nothing to do with slavery. We apologize if people are offended by the design and we are withdrawing our plans to make them available in the marketplace."
-Adidas Representative

This is the shoe's designer, Jeremy Scott
Do you think because he is not black he didn't realize the effect his design would have on the black community? 

What do you think?? Is this shoe racist?? Do you think the black community is overly sensitive? Should it still be released? 
D'Mor J. "No Style, No Fashion. It's that simple.


  1. I feel like these shoes are just a reflection of the state of affairs in our Community. It is sad to say, but alot of our sisters and brothers are very much shackled in the mind by something as simple as a pair of sneakers. I feel as though the Shackled Shoes should have been released, as I view them as an artistic statement about the progession and evaluation of the mind set of a younger generation bent on materialistic things...

  2. So the black community is mad, talkin bout it reminds them of the painful days of slavery...but yall say nigga everyday. Oh Ok.

    1. Don't speak for every black person, some don't use the word.