Monday, September 26, 2011

Talk Yo S%#T!

It's time again for Vogue | Diaspora's weekly discussion!
& this week we will be discussing...


Is fashion missing in Hip Hop?
     Now... this is nothing new... the fashion, or lack thereof in the Hip Hop/Rap world has been debated for awhile. Some argue that Hip Hop artists simply can't dress because of the content of their character and the "rugged" or "real" characterization that SOME of them go for. Others argue that fashion in the Hip Hop world is unique, and there is no problem with it. Bottom line is most of, if not all of us, have taken a gander at some of the hottest Hip Hop/Rap stars out there and said "but... WHY?" Or we use the line made famous by Ed Lova "C'MON SON!" Hip Hop/Rap artists have had interesting ways of expressing themselves through their clothing.

& there were numerous occasions where people questioned the appearance of rappers.

For instance, rewind your minds to 2001, Video Music Awards... a rapper EXPOSED. All she had on up top were flowers to cover her nipples.

Lil Kim
A lot argued that of course this was too much exposure, but she looked like she got dressed by a five year old.

Andre 3000
This man has made an impact on the Hip Hop world with both his music and his fashion. He is known for wearing things that you wouldn't see normally. Is he simply the most unique and it is just misunderstood or is he the worst dressed?

To give you more recent incidences we'll talk about...

Tyler, the Creator

Actually no talk needed, just look at the picture.

Nicki Minaj
A lot of people claim that Nicki cannot dress and that she is the 'wannabe Lady Gaga.' Are her outfits her new claim to fame, or are they the worst thing in the game?

What Vogue | Diaspora wants to know is WHAT DO YOU THINK?! Can these rappers just NOT dress, or are they misunderstood?

Storm Says: [side note] When I brought this topic to one of my Voguers and asked them how they felt before creating this post they answered my question with a question of their own. She asked "well.. what do you think?" I would love to tell you all what I think but the point of our discussions is to remain unbiased and fair, we want to see what our viewers think! Although I would love to talk a little mess about fashion in Hip Hop I'll just propose something for you all to think about instead... are people focusing in on only SPECIFIC rappers instead of ALL rappers to base their opinions on fashion in Hip Hop? Are people letting the clothing style of maybe one or two key people effect their outlook on ALL? We must keep that in mind. Now... as a good man named Sean Carter once said... "TALK YO S#*T!"

- Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. No. I mean, fashion is not at the forefront of of Hip-Hop by any stretch of the imagination, but if you think about how Killer Cam made pink cool to wear, how Run DMC and Missy Elliot wore the stripes off their Adidas products, how the song "Party Like a Rockstar" made it cool to dress like a white person, or how Kanye West himself has broken all kinds of barriers, not only in Hip-Hop fashion, but in fashion in general, you'll see that it is definitely a major aspect of it. Also, the fashion in Hip-Hop has spread to other cultures, especially white culture where you can see many a white person sporting the baggiest of jeans and the like. Just saying...

  2. In my personal opinion i feel some artists try to hard sometimes keeping it classy and simply is the sexy thing to do rather than try something outlandish but that is just how i think

  3. I agree jayy people only look at the outfits or critique the outfits of certain people like tyler and nicki and others who do wild crazy stuff but theres people like kanye who kill it with the wardrobe

  4. when you say fashion you gotta be specific because fashion has been a part of the hip hop culture just maybe not fashion that you like but like nathaniel said there has been plenty of fashion trends that hip hop artists have made popular

  5. Tyler... I dunno. Lil kim is just playing the hand biggie delt her. Nicki is nicki, she's a barbie and I hate brainless toys.Andre 3000 "swag" is the only genuine one as far as i,m concerned. He doesn't dress like someone apporved the look or for attention. But even his outfits can be a Lil much at times.


  6. Personally I think as though these music artists just want some attention and just want to be different. And, so that they can go home and say that they did that at this place and did this at that place. But there is a slim chance that i believe that these artist are expressing what they feel and they couldnt do that before. So since they got the money now they can do whatever they can express whatever they want without getting penalized for it in the end. Some just look tacky to me and some just look as though they put thought and effort to it and made you do a double take.

  7. Fashion simply is not a big focus for rappers the end

  8. yes when rappers walk around in purple onesies like a damn teletubby fashion is definitely missing from hip hop