Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Shop All of your favorites brands at Motivation Boutique.

Speaking to my very best friend a couple of weeks ago [What up markus;], he expressed to me the lack of online options where today's man of style could shop. Pair his curiosity and need with a little internet searching, and he soon had a list of online retailers that I think our male readers will definitely identify with.

To keep anticipation going, I will post on a different website each week, and of course you guys can always tell me what you think. This week check out Motivation Boutique

While browsing I found a lot of nice stuff. In particular, this blue Letterman & white button-up. Yeaaa . . . somebody handle that for me. Size small please ;)

Victory Jacket Blue

Victory Button-Up Shirt White

** Jocoby Joyy- After you get my attention, I'm checkin you out from the shoes UP. 

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