Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Young Mel

So after reviewing all the hot tracks that people are sending in I stumbled across a man named Young Mel. I was trying to figure out how I knew that name but then I remembered a couple months back when my Facebook newsfeed was buzzing with something called the "Mel|evision Mixtape" and I was like HE MUST BE FEATURED ON THE PAGE. Sometimes a lot of rappers sound the EXACT SAME, but I don't know something about YM just makes me want to listen ... check it out for yourselves. & LONG ISLAND stand up!!!!

"I don't rap about nothing that I don't do stop that, so guns I don't pop that."

Name: Young Mel
From: Long Island, NY
Young Mel:
"I never wanted to be a rapper. Back when I was 8 a few of my cousins wanted to perform a song by some group called Mag-7 at a talent show & they talked me into doing it with them. Then after that my cousin Ty-Q & I use to sit in different rooms, write for like 20 mins dissin each other & come together & spit em for each other lol. Then from there I just got into it & started writing my own material & experimenting different things. I wasn't really too serious up until maybe I turned 15. Then when my cousin T.Y. Passed away in 2009 that's when it got real. I've never been so serious in my life lol. I just want to be that Only young rapper that's on all the songs wit the vets & Killin lol. In 10 years I see myself set. Idk if I'll still be rapping at 30 haha. But you never know."
For more on Young Mel go to https://www.facebook.com/younggMEL
& cop the mixtape Melroy Jetson on 10/15/11!!

-Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. omg yay I love keenan ok first off the first one goes hard thats pure fire but the second one i dont even know what the fuck he was saying but thats crazy how he can rap that fast you might want to battle Busta

  2. This guy Mel fire tracks I haven't heard one yet that i can say "ehhh I'm not feelin it" to lol you damn near perfected ya craft and the scary thing is ya better than what i heard last year and the year before so the next year after this I'm scared for for lol Central Islip and Long Island is finally bout to get put on for real i feel it niggaz just gotta stick together

  3. my man is on the come up

  4. Good Looks little cuzo... I aint even gonna say keep it, cuz I expect nun less. I been fuckin wit you seen NYP lol

  5. FIYAHHHHH is he cute lol

  6. This is ok. Not too much of the same shit.