Monday, April 30, 2012

New | Video: Rihanna "Where have you been"

After weeks of behind the scene footage, Rihanna's highly anticipated music video to "Where Have You Been" is finally here.
Is it Everything We Want | Everything We Need?  Check it out below.

D'mor J "No Style, No Fashion. It's that Simple"

For behind the scenes CLICK HERE!


  1. Seems like Rihanna was watchin some Beyonce videos cuz now her ass wanna dance? I think I am about to pass tf out. She better keep that shit up and do it in concert and sing #AtTheSameDamnTime

    1. She DOES do this in concerts, clearly you havent been to 1

    2. Lies. That person ^ hasn't been to one. Show me a video where she does some tiring choreography, sings, and sounds/looks good at the same time. And to be completely honest all the hype is just because she's FINALLY DANCING. She wasn't giving it her all and the video effects helped as well.

  2. I want Rih Rih to go back to her black short cut. That was life. Her long is kind of basic to me.
    && her performance wasn't bad, but it didn't impress. But we all know she's nt a dancer, so I'm proud of her. Definitely better than her tryna whinee, when we all know she cant.
    But Her second look in that black dress? That was Everything I Want | Everything I Need! Can you figure out who makes that for your fashionable readers?!

  3. We all know rihanna make hit albums but IS NOT a performer. There is NOOOOOO debate

  4. rihanna baaaaaaaaad