Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Happy Anniversary | Jayonce!

"Let's tie the knot, lets grab us a pot, lets make a baby" - Jay Z

Today Beyonce wants to celebrate her 4th year of marriage by expressing her love for Jay-Z to the world. For the first time ever, Beyonce aka lil private, is sharing her most intimate moments with her husband via her new tumblr account: Beyonce Official Tumblr. The web page is set to be revealed today, including over 150 pictures. 

Here are some leaked photos:

VogueNote: To all my Beyonce Fanatics (points to self), is it just me or is Beyonce doing anything to get some attention? This isn't the Beyonce we're accustomed to....

BTW: "Love On Top" is #1 on Billboard's Dance Chart this week....making this Beyonce's 18th time topping the chart. Who gon stop her, huh? 
D'Mor J: "No style, No Fashion. It's that Simple. "

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