Friday, April 20, 2012

Suge Knight: "Pac's not really dead."

Suge Knight, the man who was with Tupac on the night of the supposed "fatal" shooting, told 93.5 in Los Angeles that he does not believe Tupac is dead.

According to Suge Knight no one saw Pac's corpse.

To add more to the mystery Suge Knight also says that he paid $3 million to the man who allegedly cremated Tupac and never saw him again.

This may also answer the question many people ask "why didn't cops find his murderer?"

"Maybe the question is Pac's not really dead... pac's somewhere else... The person who supposedly cremated Tupac, this guy got about 3 million dollars personally from me... cash... and next thing I know I never heard from the guy or seen him again, he retired and left." - Suge Knight

So what do you think Voguers? Is Suge Knight crazy or is 2pac BACK?!

In case you missed it, Hologram Tupac performs at Coachella!

- Taking Hollywood by STORM 


  1. Wait, Pac was cremated?! I thought he was buried! Now I know for SURE Pac is in Lil Haiti chillin!

  2. well, where the hell is he? why hasn't anybody seen him...

  3. 2Pas was too outspoken to be hiding for so long. Everybody just stop, let him rest in peace, and let his music live. And you wouldn't see me either if you gave me 3 mill back in 1996.