Monday, June 27, 2011

Fresh Off The Runway

Its a beautiful Monday morning, && today we introduce Alex Hooks as our Fresh Off the Runway contender. Alex is a, "rising sophomore Marketing major at Howard University from Richmond Va by way of Brooklyn New york ". I see you HU ;;]

Here is what he has to say about his style, "
As far as my style is concerned, its definitely GQ inspired. I'm big on wearing ties and cardigans, suits and blazers and lace ups. I think my style is functional and laid back. When I'm not playing on patterns with a shirt and tie combo you'll catch me in a polo and cardigan with drivers or casual sneakers."

"My trademark though would have to be my socks. Even though you cant see them in any of the pictures I submitted, I'm a big fan of eccentric socks. Argyle, stripes, patterns, I wear em all. I stick with Polo, J.Crew and Banana Republic and I've been dabbling in the thrift stores a little up in DC. I'm aware of name brands but not restricted by them.  I wear what I feel comfortable and what i think looks good. so I'm always comfortable in what I'm wearing."

His style definitely reminds me of Classic, All American style. && it doesn't that hurt that he attends the prestigious Howard University. ;;] Gotta show love to my school. He receives a head nod from Vogue D, but you know we want to know what y'all think. VOGUE or No?

&& b.t.w. the men have been taking OVER Fresh Off The Runway. Where are our LADIES? *gives side eye*

*Jocoby Joy- Your image is your BRAND. How is your look representing you today ?


  1. Polo Model?? I think his style is one that he can take wit him to an office and be respected! I like his swagg.

  2. <3 his style , he stays away from the rugged tuff guy hes a cutieeeeee

  3. his head is big but aye que lindo papi