Monday, June 06, 2011

Graduation Party Looks

Yes, that beloved time is here. Graduation parties are filling up our social calendars, && as always we are searching for the right fit to turn heads.

A close friend of mine actually asked me would I help her come up with an outfit for a grad party she attended this past weekend, and of course the stylist in me couldn't resist. Consequently, I had the idea of supplying all of our female readers with three distinct looks that they can go for while attending graduation events. The looks are simply for inspiration; & as always I beg of you to make it your own.

This look gives any lady a relaxed feel but packs a luxurious punch because of the vibrant jewelry. && slim fit cargos with a sky high chunky heel? Even the most petite girls will have legs for daysssssssss.

This look is ideal for the outside parties when you just wanna dance all night. The high waist shorts give you shape & the chiffon blouse adds sparkle && romance.

Last but not least, this look can be worn to the more formal dinners. It is never acceptable to be under-dressed in my opinion. The wrap dress is ideal because it flatters ALL body types, while the accessories add shape, HEIGHT, & punch.

*Your image is your brand; & quality brands entice the public. -->__[.] 

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