Sunday, June 05, 2011

S T O P the Madness Keri!

When it comes to celebrities the Glam squad is always present, but whenever I see Keri Hilson I always wonder if she is branding her image without professional aid. However, V O G U E | D i think i have determined why Mrs. Keri Hilson always looks a mess....Her Glam Squad is unflattering. Below is an image of Keri on her way to a performance in London and if you look behind her, you'll see her assistant ....Can You Say L A C K LUSTER?

I would Point out all the flaws in this ensemble, but there are just too many. Consequently, I'll let you all tell me what you think of Keri and her assistant...VOGUE or NO?
** D'mor J- Fashion isn’t fun…it’s a way of life…theres no time to play!


  1. Van - This is very tragic. Her image will never be anything special because her backbone (supporting cast) is NOT very strong. Every artist with a big image has tons of talented people behind them to help build them up to be the celebrity we see on television. Keri Hilson is a complete fail. At first I wondered how such a beautiful lady settled for just being a song writer for all these years, but the more I see her, the more I realize why it took her so long to surface as an artist instead of a song writer. And she will never reach her full potential as an artist until she upgrades her squad.

  2. u know what? this really explains alot. that outfit along with many others are a complete fail! Whether Keri has bad bitch syndrome and feel like she needs to be around ugly women to feel beautiful or she's simply trying to help her assistant friend all aren't really good excuses. At some point if someone isn't adding to your life, they're definitely subtracting. That's when you have to cut them loose.