Thursday, June 02, 2011

Who Is Frank Ocean?

  • Nas:He's new, he's fresh. He doesn't sound fly-by-night. The moment you hear it — I hear what he's sayin', and I relate. He got me as soon as I heard it."
  • D' Mor: "Frank Ocean is a memory that I love to relive. He is so talented." 
  • Stephen G Hill: "Frank Ocean. Wow. I hope the new R&B is gonna sound like THIS..."

Nas. Stephen G. Hill. D'mor. People with different interest are all brought together by one thing....We Love Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean is a visionary and poetic musician that has made a mark on hip hop with the release of his free album, Nostalgia, Ultra. Listen to his Hit Single, Novacane, below and download his album; then tell us what you think. Is it V O G U E or NO?

Download his free album here
** D'mor J- Fashion isn’t fun…it’s a way of life…theres no time to play!

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