Monday, June 27, 2011

Only Drake is allowed in Marvin's Room

When Drizzy dropped his instinct hit, "Marvin's Room," the entire world took heed. He describes a situation that the all people can relate too; thus, the track quickly became everyone's favorite. The message of Drake's song has become sooo powerful that it is influencing other artist to create their own version. At first, when JoJo released "Marvin's Room (Can't do Better)," it was like cool to see a woman's prospective. However, now that Sammie, Teyana Taylor and Romeo have decided to record their own remakes, I have decided that enough is enough. 

Am I the only person who feels like all remakes to Marvin's Room suck?

Below check out the remakes, and leave a comment stating if you think that only Drake should be allowed in Marvin's Rom!!

   Romeo, JoJo, Teyana & Drake's "Marvin's Room"
Sammie's "Marvin's Room"

** D'mor J- Fashion isn’t fun…it’s a way of life…theres no time to play!                                                              


  1. Drake mastered this song, everybody else jus need to sit down!!! PLEASE

  2. Kick sammie ass out he never had a hit and teyana needs to be kicked out for trying to be lauryn girl bye