Friday, June 03, 2011

Summer Must-Have

Last Winter it was all about being chic in 'All-Black Everything', but the sun is out and it's time to shake things up.

Wearing All White is trendy, fresh, and daring.  Designers loved it as it was spotted all over the runways, and I encourage all of my fashion forward readers to give this trend a try. It could be done in a variety of ways. [Simply-cut dress, blouse w/pants, tank w/shorts]. Kanye gave an amazingg example for men who would like to daunt the look earlier this month in Cannes.

Rihanna rocks this look like no other.

 Imagine showing up to that summer party in your interpretation of the look while everyone else is in their basic summer colors. Can you say EXCLUSIVE? For an extra push, ladies wear it with a coral lip and guys with a brightly colored loafer. For those who would like to play it safe, nude or black accessories would go just as well. ;]

&& remember with this trend remember fit is key! Wearing one color can easily make one look bland and badly shaped.

What do you think of this S/S trend? Vogue D would love to hear & see your interpretations.

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