Monday, June 27, 2011

&& Mr. DJ Screw We gone do this for You ;]

In recent years you have seen artists like Drake talk about 'double cup love' & Wayne say tht his drink is Easter Pink. But down in Houston, Texas we know where screw & 'moving slow all started. if my readers did not know, yes I am from H.Tineee as we say it && today, June 27th, is a very important day in my city's history. 

If you did not know, June 27th is one of the greatest freestyles to ever be recorded. In we use this day to recognize the originator of Screw music, Mr. DJ Screw && others such as Big Moe, && the entire Screwed Up Click.

Say whatever you want but all the rappers who sip drank got that from HOUSTON. Drake's infamous November 18th freestyle? Based upon June 27th. Take this day to pour up && move slow ;] Because all day && all night in Houston we will be swangin & bangin <3

These are only parts 1 & 2 listen to parts 3 & 4 for the whole freestyle.

*Jocoby Joy- We celebrate June 27th to keep screw alive. Our movement will never die. Happy June 27th babiesss<3

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