Saturday, July 30, 2011

DAMN Diggy

Diggy's swag is effortless. This boy is snapping on the tracks, dressed impeccably fly, cute...oh yea, he can DANCE!!! Diggy dropped his new video to "Copy, Paste," and he is destined to make it. If I described Diggy's new joint, I would say in my southern slang that, "Copy, Pasted is Fye," but since #TeamVogueD has the ultimate the video below: VOGUE or NOOO?

VOGUE Note: Why is Diggy hollering out "Queens" when the whole world watched "Run's House," and knows that he is clearly from New Jersey? Boy, we all seen your mansion!

D'Mor: No style; No fashion! Its that simple.


  1. Ayeeeee can I have that hes uber cute

  2. So, D'Mor you took the words right out my mouth. YO DADDY IS FROM QUEENS. Run made it way before he was born he prolly never even lived there LOL!