Thursday, March 15, 2012

New | Video: J.Cole "Nobody's Perfect" ft. Missy Elliot

"She say she only fucked like 4-5 N***AS, so you know you gotta multiply by 3"

First of all, I'm PISSED that I'm not in this video. However, I'm so elated that J.Cole decided to release the visuals to this track. In the video, Cole seeks therapeutic assistance to grasp the fact that nobody's perfect.  I loved all the intricate detailing, however I can't decided whether or not it enhances the song? Watch it below #TeamVogueD, and tell me what you have to say about. 

J.Cole rockin' those glasses ^___^ !! Aren't we happy to see Missy?

What it was..... 

What it should have been 

D'Mor J: No Style, No Fashion. It's that simple.


  1. D'Mor J better back up off of my man lmaoo!!

  2. Loving the video!

  3. vd is the best blog out you girls add comedy to ur blog

  4. bahahahahahahahahah I'm DEAD laughin at D'Mor J