Tuesday, August 16, 2011


                         (August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009)

Now, when I do certain posts I try to keep my opinion out of them as much as possible for the sake of not swaying anyone else's opinion. BUT this particular post I just cannot do so. Michael Jackson has had such an impact on my life since the first time I heard his strong, soulful voice. I can remember being just a young girl dancing around in my Harlem apartment not having a care in the World just jamming to some MJ. Now in honor of his birthday, which is coming up very soon, I decided to pay tribute to him and his genius ways. Maybe he truly is invincible, because he certainly does live on inside of the hearts of many. I always did think Mr. Jackson was larger than life...

Anastasia: Long Island, New York
"I started listening to Michael Jackson at the age of four, Billie Jean was the first song I had ever heard by him and I fell in love and never stopped listening since. If I could describe Michael Jackson in one word that word would have to be 'inspirational.' He has inspired me in times of sadness as well as happiness, he portrays many different stages of a persons life through his songs and I can always relate to his lyrics which is why I chose this word."
Her reaction to his death...
"Wow, when I first heard of his death I was absolutely and completely petrified. I thought that my relatives and the media were lying to me, and it was some kind of joke. I never thought an artist's death could touch me in this way. I believe that because his death had such a huge impact of children and adults all over the World his legacy will always live on. When I speak to other people they always agree that they will pass on his music to their children, and I wouldn't see why not. He has created REAL music."

He's a DANCING machine :
Come on, WE ALL KNOW that there was one time in life (some of us probably still do!) where we can each remember trying to master that crazy MOON WALK. Aside from his smooth, yet domineering voice that told a story with every pitch and note that he hit ever so gracefully, there were his innovative dance movements. His dancing has inspired virtually MOST of today's artists such as Neyo, Usher, Chris Brown, and the list goes on and on.

Check out Anthony McDaniels and his flashback to his childhood as he pays respect to the King of Pop.

Michael gave the World everything. He gave us FASHIONmusicDANCElife, which is why so many people across the World are making sure he is NEVER forgotten. I mean, it wouldn't be an easy task to forget him anyway. In honor of his birthday we want YOU to send in any videos, or photos that you have displaying your love for Michael to be debuted before and on his birthday, August 29. & to those who do not wish to do so then simply join Vogue | Diaspora as we remember Michael, look for more videos and photos honoring Michael.

-Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. God I love Michael and that video is so adorable!

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