Tuesday, August 02, 2011

It's the ROK, no Jay-Z

Okay, judging off of the amazing feedback we get each week when we post new up and coming artists I would say we're doing our job right thus far!

So without further ado it is my pleasure to introduce the V O G U E | D world to Mr. Jordan "Rok" Bailey. Bailey, or more eminently known under his rap alias "Rok Bailey" is also a Bison, or Howard University student. I've had the pleasure of witnessing his jaw dropping talent, and his quite ... infamous hand movements if you will, in person at the poetry cyphers. This kid screams TALENT. Just to give a little background on the PHILLY native I'll just let you all know that he is a nineteen year old avid Kanye, Jeezy and Andre 3000 fan, well I mean with favorites like that how can he not be great himself? Instead of giving you a whole paragraph on how great he is, I'll let your ears do the judging ... listen to his music below and to check out the exclusive interview V O G U E | Diaspora had with Rok Bailey click on this link--->> Rok Bailey Interview

(This was taken from 28 Days of Black via THEURBANFEEDTV Youtube Channel, we do not own the rights to this video.)

Taking Hollywood by STORM



  2. my man makin moves