Monday, August 29, 2011

What D'Mor Peeped at the VMA's

As I ate my gumbo and potato salad, and watched the VMA's, I was definitely shaking my damn head. I didn't even what to go in like this, but upon further review.....I have NO choice. Check it out below. 

1. Sooo MTV copy & pasted BET? Am I the only person who realized that while MTV claimed not have a host this year, Kevin Hart was definitely fulfilling host duties? Hart clearly opened up the show with jokes and performed skits throughout the award ceremony...if that ain't a host, I don't know what is. 

In addition to MTV hiring Hart as the comedian of the night, they had the audacity to have Jessie J. doing covers of popular songs during intermission. VOGUE | Diaspora if you didn't know, at this year's BET Award, Karmin and her husband did covers on the red carpet. So, either MTV & BET miraculously came up with the same ideas or somebody biting....I'm just saying. 
2. So Nobody told Beyonce they invented Plan B? While watching the VMA's I received the shock of my life. With a love filled performance in dedication to her husband, Beyonce revealed the rumored pregnant belly. And yes #TeamVogueD I was upset. Why would Beyonce release an album that all of her loyal fans (points at self) went and purchased. We all know Beyonce gives thee BEST live show, and the fact she is leaving us hanging is mind boggling. NO "4" world tour DVD for us this year & NO "End of Time" music video.... TRAGIC!
3. Adele Nude Nails...Yes!!! Remember when I told #TeamVogueD in the Breaking News Post that in Europe the Nude Polish is always Chic, well Adele got the memo. Dressed in black with her waist cinched, and lashes full...honey Adele gave me life. Her face as beautiful as her voice & she was looking the part with her oval nude nails. A++ for you honey.
4. Nicki....AGAIN???? So once again Nicki Minaj is in need of June Ambrose! Check out this catastrophe below. 
5. Yves Saint Laurent! I spotted YSL accessories on Kevin Hart and Justin Bieber & we all know that a man in style is a man for us. 
6. Ghetto Phi Ghetto!!  First of all, did Tyler, The Creator really accept his Best New artist award like he has NO home training? They bleeped Tyler's entire speech, while his mom was in the audience crying like he just won a Grammy. He was the messiest person at the VMA's! Even though he does make hot track, his actions at the award show was childish, immature and unacceptable.We all know he won't be receiving any accolade anytime soon!  


  1. "Dear Old Nicki" needs to tell new Nicki that this shit aint working she looks like she arrived on Planet Bum with Keys.

  2. Yves Saint Laurent. To much for me, but i'm going get something december.