Monday, August 08, 2011

Praise to Teyana - Harlem World's Princess.

Now, a lot of people may be confused as to just exactly what this lovely woman picture above's official "job title" is but I bet you they know her NAME. She sings, she acts, dances and writes music. I mean and not to mention that she was born in Harlem, New York, the same place I was born!!!! But anywho, back to business... Is it just me or does TEYANA TAYLOR never cease to amaze the public with her style? This post isn't going to be the usual where I try to stimulate your mind with words, I'm merely just going to arouse your senses with a few breath taking photos I stumbled upon while researching the beautiful Teyana Taylor.

This is honestly what first made me take notice to her. When we think of women we think of high heels, lipstick, short dresses but we tend to forget the beauty in individuality. I LOVE how Teyana can go from Angel in a short dress to devil in tees and hoodies and still be a killer.
In an interview [ not one with V O G U E | Diaspora ] Teyana says ... 
 “See the Harlem girl in me loves wife-beaters and Timbs. I just love the whole Harlem boy swag. I’ll pick that any day”
Teyana Taylor does the damn thing and she DOES IT WELL. I say we raise a glass to all the beautiful young black women on the rise! 

-Taking Hollywood by STORM.


  1. YES YES YES !!!!!! Teyana Taylor is a phenomenal woman !!!!

  2. um HELLO boobies.

  3. dam she look good

  4. she got sum big ass lips but shes sexy