Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Panty Line???? Girl STOP!!!

"Panty Lines are childish and immature. As a grown women you should know which undergarments are appropriate for certain attire." -D'Mor J. 

For any woman, a visible panty line is a depressing situation. When the outline of a lady's underwear is visible, the appearance of their ensemble is tarnished. A lady's body is supposed to be smooth and sexy; however with panty lines causes excess shapes along the figure an image can be misinterpreted. Check out some undergarment disasters to avoid below.

Tragic Ending: From the front she looks great; however when you look at the back the statement bow is unappreciated because all you look at is that horrible panty line. In a situation like this, a thong or seamless panties from Victoria's Secret would have sufficed.  

Speed Bumps instead of Smooth Curves:This is an example of a thong gone wrong. The choice of underwear was indeed correct, however this lady neglected to pay attention to fit of the undergarment. It is clear that this thong is too tight, thus it created a dent in her sides and causing her silhouette in the dress to be lumpy.  

Did you get dressed in the dark:A visible panty line can cause you to appear lack luster and sloppy; which can emulate that you do not care about your image and cause you to ruin developing opportunities.

Wrong Color: When wearing pale colored bottoms, it is imperative that you wear either nude or black underwear.

Four Ass Cheeks: Undergarments can either enhance the figure or destroy your sexy. If you know your pants are really tight do not wear full bottom panties, wear seamless underwear.


  1. Lol these pictures are tragic, especially the last one

  2. lollll this is tragic

  3. lol If you can see the panty please take it off

  4. Fashion No four checks is not sexy

  5. NEWSFLASH: Men actually find all this VPL stuff sexy.

    When a man says otherwise, he's humouring you!