Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kanye West; Best Dressed . . .As Usual

I admit that this post may be biased because I am in fact a huge Kanye West fan, but who cares ? As Usual Mr. West' outfit was the talk of the VMAs. He never ever seems to disappoint! The reason I love Kanye is because he is such a style chameleon, which is a hard quality to find in men these days. As a Fashion Icon, he is able to wear jeans & kicks one day [grill included;], a Tory Burch suit the next, and even dabble in women's wear & different textures like leather & snakeskin. He is truly fearless, & thus set trends. 

Last night, Kanye wore an Ombre Chambray Button Down showing a bit of chest in true Yeezy Fashion, which is reportedly from Theyskens for Theory’s Resort 2012 collection,  simple & slightly distressed jeans, an American Flag & a pair of the Watermelon Nike Air Yeezy 2s. 

The Chambray shirt which has been reoccurring trend for both men & women for countless of seasons, is clearly going nowhere. The Ombre version that Mr. West has is not only a unique twist on the closet staple, but also can be quite flattering for anyone who would want a slimming effect. [The darker bottom half can help camouflage any chubby waists or muffin tops]  

The shirt goes well with lighter wash jeans without being too matchy-matchy, & the American Flag is just swagg beyond swagg. & There is no real reason to go into detail about his highly coveted shoes. But I will ask my guys, "Have You Started Your Yeezy Fund Yet?" I know you want them . . .

Kanye West Wears Nike Air Yeezy 2 at MTV VMA 2011 Awards

What I possibly love MOST about this ensemble is that it is very wearable for all my guys, & its attainable. Find different options like the ones below at shopstyle.com . . .

Asos at ShopStyle

Tell Me What You Think About Ye's Look. Anything that you would have done differently, or is just perfect for you?

Jocoby Joyy- Seen && Be SEEN. 


  1. Ye is hands down the most stylish cat in the game. Someone to look up to when it comes to originality.

  2. yes yes he is usually super stylish but i dont think the pics up there show it

  3. i dont know where else i can write this but you know i seen the page from the ground up you girls keep improving its crazy i love to see black people doing good for themselves especially women oh and i sent in my music hurry up with that lol