Friday, December 16, 2011

Billlionaire [GIRLS] Club.

Maybe I'm Just Late, But Just In Case You Didn't Know, the highly popular brand Billionaire Boys Club has a new counterpart line appropriately titled--Billionaire Girls Club. 
Billionaire Girls Club   By Billionaire Boys Club

When considering the success of BBC, it only makes sense that a line for the ladies would come about. I checked the website, and so far there are only two items up for sale. A Tank & T Shirt. 
Billionaire Girls Club   By Billionaire Boys Club

I suppose the rest of the items will be up for sale early next year. But if you just cant wait, get your fix here. From the ads, what are my readers thinking so far?

P.S. Ya'll Know What I Wanna Say About The Lack of Color In These Ads . . .*gives side eye* Mhmmmmmm

**Jocoby Joy-- & If I Never Taught You Nothin' Else . . .I Taught You To: Create Your Brand. Then Market It. 

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