Thursday, December 08, 2011

On the 3rd - 8th Days of Christmas....

On the 3rd, 4th, 5th , 6th, 7th and 8th day of Christmas, Make sure your significant other knows that you need....
#TeamVogueD I know I been M. I .A., but a real girl was taking finals. But enough of that...I got all the juice regarding this year's Christmas goodies. Check it out below.
3rd Day of Christmas: Gucci Belt for your Boyfriend & Jeffery Campbell's Lita for your Girlfriend

Men: What's better than a luxury and quality belt that you can pair with multiple outfits? The Gucci Belt is an essential that creates simple sophistication.The price of these belts are $295.00, but aren't you worth it? Click here to make that purchase.  
 Ladies: The highly sought after shoe of the year is the Jeffery Campbell Lita. Jocoby Joyy owns a brown pair, and I have black Lita's & I must say that these shoes are comfortable, and can be worn with just about anything. These shoes go fast, so hurry up and make that purchase
4th Day of Christmas: Beats by Dre for your Baby Daddy & B.Scott Eye Lashes for your Baby Mama

Men: The best way to listen to your ipod, is to listen to your ipod in style. Beats by Dre is a great accessory that comes in multiple colors & styles. So, this Christmas ask your girlfriend for the perfect gift, and escape her nagging episodes. Purchase them here.
Women: We all know that sometimes to get what we want we have to bat a few lashes, so why not bat them with the best lashes that you can buy? Earlier this year, B.Scott released his exclusive beauty line, and my favorite product are his false lashes. We all wear false lashes at some point, so rock the best.
 Vogue Note: Check out B. Scott rocking "Bitch Boo Bye." Ladies, you can get these same lashes here.
5th Day of Christmas: Black Blazer by Versace x HM for Mr. & TopShop's Suede Slippers for Mrs.

Men: Ummm Ummm Ummm, a nicely dressed man, is the best type of man. A classic black blazer is an essential piece that can take any outfit to the next level. This particular blazer is made by Versace, and is luxury and well tailored. So, tell you wife to find the nearest HM store because this is something you need. 
Ladies: These shoes are perfect. I'm not even going to explain why you need them. Just take a look, then buy them here. .

6th Day of Christmas: Suede Bucks for Him & Fur Trapper Hat for Her
Men: What's fashion without suede bucks? Suede bucks are classic sophisticated hard bottoms that will demand respect, and can be worn with urban and collegiate gear. Yuup, fellas this has to be on your Christmas list. Get it here
Ladies: Give me drama during this Blizzard! Get the Fur Trapper Hat this year to be warm and fly, all at the same time. Get it here

7th Day of Christmas: Man Bag for Lil' Daddy & Lip Stick by Ka'ior for Lil' Mama
Men: The man bag is in this season, and quite need one. Any man walking around with a man bag, is stylish, that's just that.
 Ladies: Being able to change up your look is essential when in a relationship. Number 1, you don't want your honey getting bored with you & Number 2, you can never have enough lip color; this is why you need lipstick by Ka'oir. Ka'oir's lipstick collection is fun, and will keep him guessing. Buy some NOW

8th Day of Christmas: Gold Jewelry for Hubby & MAC Brush Set for Wifey
Man: Get your Big Sean on and get Bling'd up. Gold jewelry highlights the skin & makes you look soo fly. Yea, ladies you all should definitely get your man a chain or something. 
Ladies: MAC Holiday 2011 Brush Set....we should all own a full set. That's all. 
D'Mor J: "No Style. No Fashion. It's that Simple."

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