Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Love & Hip Hop: Round 2- Erica & Kimbella

Who the Hell is Erica Mena? When can we get her off the show? 
If you didn't watch Love & HipHop, you missed all the drama. Chrissy was an emotional wreck, Kimbella fought Mike Tyson & Emily is going backwards. However, the most memorable scene was the fight between Kimbella and Erica Mena. Check the fight out below. 

Vogue Note: By the way Erica (the same girl who came to Kimbella's gathering and verbally instigated the altercation) goes on to call the police after she realized that she lost the fight. Where they do that at?

Check out another video of Erica beating up her Baby Daddy (Terror Squad member Raul Conde) . If this girl don't need Anger Management, Beyonce is not pregnant. 
D'Mor J: "No Style, No Fashion. It's that Simple."


  1. That hoe a crack head. What kind of lady go around fighting? She act like she was raised by dogs. #TeamKimbella

  2. I'm so mad I missed it! But that clip is epiccc!!

  3. Erica gots to go shes trash...and the hoe of the show.....im team kimbella too....