Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Unkommon Kolor

&& just in case you didn't hear the good news, uber popular brand Unkommon Kolor has re-released some of their most popular shirts for a limited time only. 

Image of Fly as Hell
There's the Fly As Hell Tee, which is reminiscent of the YSL logo. 

Image of "Dope or Nope"
&& then a consumer favorite, the Dope or Nope Tee. 

Another personal fave of mine is the Flying South Vice Crew. 
Image of The Flying South Vice Crew

They are a Texas-based brand, & I am from Houston so I definitely wanted to support. So very biased. I know ;] A LOT of their items are already sold out. Be Sure To Check Them Out .

*Jocoby Joyy- So Get Ya Hair Cut, & Car Washed Too ;] 

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